TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun

TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun via Insound. By way of Fingertips.

13 thoughts on “TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun”

  1. this band is absolutely incredibly genious. number one their musical talent is absolutely insane. they are an original band in a world of posers. they have created their own style and redefined funk. number two their lyrics are some of the deepest unique lyrics ive ever heard. they know how to blend words together to form a tapestry that can be understood and interpreted on thousands of levels. their words can fit so many differant moods and are perfect to just help you relax. i thank tv on the radio for sharing their musical genuis with the world and you are no. 1 in my book.

  2. Amazing band. Just totally original. Sound, structures, songs, lyrics, vocals never heared before. Unique. Crazy. On the edge (actually over it).

  3. where can I find the lyrics to “Staring At The Sun”…?? I love this band, and that song. I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE!! lol If anyone could help it would be awesome.

  4. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any other TV On The Radio lyrics, ambulance is already on most of the sites.

  5. i hated tv on the radio til i saw them live. thought it was boring.

    live, they’re a whole other beast, noisy and plodding and danceable and awesome. seriously.

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