Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day

“Casimir Pulaski Day” by Sufjan Stevens from Come On, Feel the Illinoise, out July 5. This is the best song on the new album (which is technically just called Illinois, but that’s not what it says on the cover).

Update 1: Read the GLONO review of Illinois.

Update 2: Read Vinyl Mine’s comparison of Stevens’ “Casimir Pulaski Day” with Big Black’s “Kasimir S. Pulaski Day” from Songs About Fucking. They’re both about being there when someone dies! Who knew? Via LHB.

3 thoughts on “Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day”

  1. I just got the album, haven’t heard it all yet but from what I’ve heard it sounds very similar to Greetings From Michigan. If that’s your bag, enjoy.

  2. everyone here really hates on this guy. what’s the deal?

    for what reasons is he unworthy of the GloNo badge of approval?

    and you’re gona say anything about religion, don’t.

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