RIAA Drops Another Lawsuit

We the people...Looks like the RIAA has dropped another file sharing case where the defendant refused to settle: “Wilke had been accused of the usual malfeasance by the RIAA: sharing music over a P2P network. Instead of settling the suit as many others have done, Wilke denied any wrongdoing.”

And check this out: “Since the RIAA began filing lawsuits against suspected file sharers in 2003, not a single one has gone all the way to trial. In most cases, the defendants agree to write a four-figure check to the record labels to avoid a drawn-out court case. However, some of the accused are fighting back, and in some cases, it appears that the RIAA is dropping cases to avoid the possibility of losing.”

Fight the power! And win.

Wired’s Listening Post reminds us that “no one has ever even been sued for downloading music, only for sharing it.”

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