Megadeth vs. United Nations

This is fun. First, Megadeth releases United Abominations. Next, UN Dispatch critiques the title track. And now, Dave Mustaine defends himself:

“Anyway, I would rather be wrong about the lyrics of ‘UA’ (which is just a song in the end) and have this guy try to explain why I shouldn’t have your love and support, then be right and have no one notice. And it makes me wonder, if I was wrong, why bother with me? I am just a dumb metal guitar player, right?”

Nice work, Dave. We all noticed!

Megadeth – “Sleepwalker”

Megadeth – “Washington Is Next!”

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One thought on “Megadeth vs. United Nations”

  1. Is it just me or is Dave less fun since the christian conversion? I have always thought being a ‘dumb metal guitar player’ is easier whilst drunk. Hence: I KNOW slash can offer a cogent analysis of the UN, with Dave M. I only HOPE he does.

    anywho- back to me booze.

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