Full Streams Increase Sales

From the “No shit, Sherlock” department, Last.fm has reported seeing a sales spike after allowing full-song streaming as opposed to the 30-second samples it used to offer.

The company says that since it upgraded from 30-second song samples to full songs, CD and downloads sales through its links to partner Amazon.com have increased 119%.

Part of this bump is due to the increased number of Last.fm users gained from both the new functionality and all the marketing surrounding the launch. But the company says the CD and download purchases from even existing members buying on Amazon jumped 66% as well.

Does it still surprise anyone that people want to actually know if something sucks or not before we open our wallets? Imagine if radio stations only played 30-second samples. Or if videos on MTV were only 30 second snippets interrupted by C-list comedians blabbering about how stupid the clothes and hair is… Oh wait. Never mind.

Join the GLONO group on Last.fm: Glorious Noise.

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