Justice Department OKs XM-Sirius merger

Looks like you satellite radio owners are one step closer to expanding your channel selection. The Justice Department today approved the merger of XM and Sirius more than a year after the two companies announced their plans to join forces.

According to the CNN report, the Department of Justice determined that an XM-Sirius merger was not anti-competitive because of the proliferation of other media outlets like the Internet, mp3 players, etc.

“Since we determined that there was no competition between the companies, we did not need to set any conditions as such,” said Assistant Attorney General Thomas Barnett during a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon.

The FCC has yet to weigh in.

It’s unclear how the merger would affect pricing or content offerings, but the companies said last year that they would be willing to offer a so-called “a la carte” price plan where consumers could pick certain packages for less money.

You XM subscribers better get ready for some Ba Ba Booey!

2 thoughts on “Justice Department OKs XM-Sirius merger”

  1. I know the discussion on satelite radio got a bit heated several years ago

    on the message board.

    Finding the link is too much work for a lazy sod like me but maybe yooz guys would wanna link it. I got wind of this merger many moons ago.

    I’m still not certain on the future of satelite radio.

    I think people who are picky about their music don’t want it picked for them. They can just put their IPOD on shuffle. Meanwhile terrestrial radio will continue to serve people who are busy with their lives and want a little background music along with local weather and news. Many people are predicting the demise of terrestrial radio. I think it has a better chance of survival than the sole remaining satelite service. We can revisit in another two years and see if I’m right.

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