Album Streams: PBJ, Decemberists, more

MySpace Music is streaming Peter Bjorn and John’s Living Thing.

NPR is streaming Leonard Cohen’s Live in London in its entirety.

AOL/Spinner is streaming the following albums through Sunday, March 29, so listen while you can.

‘The Hazards of Love’ by The Decemberists

‘Grace/Wastelands’ by Pete Doherty

‘Kicks’ by 1990s (MP3)

‘Ten (Reissue)’ by Pearl Jam

‘Bunny Gets Paid’ by Red Red Meat (MP3)

‘Fuckbook’ by Condo Fucks (MP3)

More streams after the jump, and as always, let us know if you hear anything good!

‘A New Tide’ by Gomez

‘I Blame You’ by Obits (MP3)

‘Welcome to Mali’ by Amadou & Mariam

‘Technicolor Health’ by Harlem Shakes

‘Ready Hymn To The Immortal Wind’ by Mono

‘Junior’ by Royskopp

And NPR is still streaming Dan Deacon’s Bromst.

One thought on “Album Streams: PBJ, Decemberists, more”

  1. wow Pete’s cd is great! I have to admit to being surprised considering how fucked up he’s been. What do you guys think?

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