Nikki Corvette + Amy Gore (Gore Gore Girls) = Gorevette

Video: Gorevette – “Lustfully Yours”

This is pretty great. Legendary Nikki Corvette teamed up with Amy Gore of the Gore Gore Girls. Detroit girls know how to rock. Badass guitar tones, surfy drums, and snotty vocals. Doesn’t get cooler than this.

MP3: Gorevette – “Lustfully Yours” from the Lustfully Yours EP, due January 26 on Strange Girl Recordings.

Gorevette: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, MySpace.

3 thoughts on “Nikki Corvette + Amy Gore (Gore Gore Girls) = Gorevette”

  1. I just got a little cream in my jeans! Payin’ homage to the Go-Go’s..and if you don’t think so yer ass is suckin’ rainwater.

  2. Actually, the Go-Go’s borrowed (stole?) from Nikki Corvette … their sound and look in the beginning … true.

  3. This is the first rock video

    I’ve ever been in, I’m doing my thing bring the Arabic Soul flavor, with Shiraz aka Razz Amy & Nikki were so cool

    At the shoot I remember hearing both there names from around town in Detroit but had no ideal who they really were (D,E)Happy to have been there when this soon to be classic video was made!

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