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The Beatles: Rock BandSo it looks like 583,000 people bought the Beatles: Rock Band video game in its first month of sales. Seems impressive to me… But apparently not, at least according to a report from CNBC:

That’s fine on the surface, but analysts were expecting the appeal of the Fab Four to move more than 1 million copies of the game last month. Instead, it sold just 583,000, according to numbers from the NPD Group.

The downloadable content seems to be moving pretty well: “Harmonix reports that over 100,000 people downloaded the song [“All You Need is Love” for $2 a pop] in September.”

One interesting thing is that the hardcore gamers have complained that Beatles: Rock Band is too similar to previous Rock Band versions to justify a “a stand alone game ($60) purchase.” The only differences I’ve noticed are the ability to sing harmonies and the option to play in “no fail mode” on easy. Plus, of course, all the Beatles-specific timeline and graphics stuff. But had they just released the 45 songs as individual downloable content, that would’ve cost gamers $90, so I’m not sure what they’re whining about. Seems like we got a deal. (As long as you didn’t get suckered into forking over the extra dough for the awesome but overpriced Hofner, Gretsch, and Rickenbacker.)

Oh, and while we’re talking about the Beatles (again), might as well mention that the Mono Box is back in stock at Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Sales: Beatles Rock Band”

  1. I picked up the game, it’s fun. I didn’t know that downloadable content had been released; guess I’ll have to check for PS3.

    I’m still waiting for the Rickenbacker to come down to $50 or so before I buy it. $100 is just ridiculous.

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