All Things Must Pass on Vinyl, Hi-Res Download

All Things Must PassJust a couple weeks ago, we learned that Paul McCartney would be releasing his remastered Band on the Run album as a High Resolution (24bit 96kHz) download, and now George Harrison’s estate is doing the same thing with All Things Must Pass for its 40th anniversary on November 26. No word on whether you’ll be able to get versions with and without peak limiting like you can with Band on the Run, but the fact that hi-res audio is becoming de rigueur from the Apple/Abbey Road team is surely a good sign.

In addition to the digital download, All Things Must Pass will be also released on 180-gram vinyl in its original three-LP configuration, remastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original analog master tapes.

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All Things Must Pass 40th Anniversary 3-LP Vinyl Collection


Hollywood, California – October 18, 2010 – On Friday, November 26, George Harrison’s magnificent 1970 solo debut, All Things Must Pass, will be released in a limited edition, numbered 180-gram vinyl set in its original 3LP configuration, with faithfully replicated original monochromic album art, poster and lift-top box packaging. Newly remastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original analogue master tapes, the deluxe vinyl reissue commemorates the landmark album’s 40th anniversary and will be available exclusively at Record Store Day-participating independent music retailers across the U.S.

All Things Must Pass will also be available internationally as a non-numbered limited edition 3LP boxed set.

On the same date, the album will be available for download purchase in audiophile quality digital format (96Khz/24 bit) exclusively at

3 thoughts on “All Things Must Pass on Vinyl, Hi-Res Download”

  1. i like that it’s only available at record store day participating retailers. very cool.

    i have a old scratch vinyl version. i love it just the way it is… pops, hisses, and all.

  2. Petey: I have a new copy and the labels are EXACTLY like the originals. LP 1 and 2 have the red-orange label and LP3 has the Apple Jam label. Also, there is no disclaimer that says “Mastered from a digital source for the best quality sound.” It sounds to me as if it was mastered on all analogue equipment. (Vinyl lovers prefer analogue remasters. But the LPs sound great–buy one–don’t miss out.

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