New Sharon Van Etten video: Beaten Down

Video: Sharon Van Etten – “Beaten Down”

Directed by Nicky and Juliana Giraffe. Single out now on Jagjaguwar.

Gee, has it really been a year already since Remind Me Tomorrow was released? That album’s “Seventeen” still kills me, especially as I deal with parenting a teenager and all the shit that goes along with that. And I think back to the decisions I made when I was my kid’s age and how they continue to affect my life. It’s terrifying.

Sharon Van Etten’s got a new single out now and she says, “This song is about love, patience and empathy. It’s about making life-changing choices and remaining strong enough to see them through.”

Life has a tendency to beat you down. It’s not easy to maintain love, patience and empathy in this world. But it’s important to try.

Your big old heart takes a lot on
Shoulders the world
It takes a lot to unfold

I encourage my son to be kind, honest and hardworking. I’m not sure if that’ll help him make it through life without getting beaten down, but I hope so.

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