Bleu – Redhead

BleuRedhead (Aware/Columbia)

Bleu is a handsome, scruffy, muttonchopped chick magnet who got his nickname because he once had blue hair. He’s friends with Dan Wilson from Semisonic and John Fields, the man behind Andrew W.K.

You’re probably thinking: “Awesome!”

Exactly. With lyrics like “I was totally cool with the way things were goin'” and “We were doin’ ok when we lived in the moment / But a moment is only as long as ya hold it,” Bleu could turn just about any damn storm into a rainbow, complete with frolicking chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels.

He’s a decent guitarist. And someone clearly went through a lot of trouble mixing in all the strings, xylophones, and N*Sync synth. Columbia Records probably spent a couple hundred grand paying for promotions and studio time. Redhead sounds like top-of-the-line studio technology.

Dear Teenage Girls, have you ever said anything to this effect: “Wow, that guy just used two really big words and I have no idea what he’s talking about?” Well, that’s why you listen to Bleu. And that’s why I don’t.

MP3s are available. See for yourself. Ecard.

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