Paul Westerberg – Come Feel Me Tremble

Paul WesterbergCome Feel Me Tremble (Vagrant)

One thing Paul Westerberg should understand: repeating a chorus and a guitar lick for 3 minutes does not constitute a song. On Come Feel Me Tremble he does this far too much. Songs like “Hillbilly Junk,” “Soldier Of Misfortune” and “Making Me Go” barely make complete thoughts, let alone a song. Westerberg can usually get away with this, because his skewed viewpoint and spot-on guitar can override the repetitiousness. This time, he doesn’t always make it work. On some tracks, he either didn’t have enough to say or enough music to say it with. Lots of filler.

The irony is that Westerberg’s filler is pretty good stuff, and when he shines he can blow you away. “Knockin’ Em Back” is a standout, whipsaw-rock track and a perfect example of what Westerberg does best. Other strong tracks include the thoughtful “These Days” and “Dirty Diesel,” a Stone-sy blues rocker.

Bottom line? There’s a lot of inconsistency. But Westerberg’s off-kilter approach (and stumbling-but-catching-himself-at-the-last-minute execution) somehow makes it more than the sum of its parts. Even though you might skip a track or two.

5 thoughts on “Paul Westerberg – Come Feel Me Tremble”

  1. Nothing like a washed-up alki, trying to cash in on the past. Give it up Paul. I do not know what could be worse between hearing your insipid crap or watching Steve Earle’s new movie.

    On an ending note : yeah, you were cool – “were” – now you are like the stupid drunk uncle talking about “back in the day…” Go back to your corn farm.

    Thank God Bob is dead, because your new crap would have killed him.

  2. Joey is a moron. CFMT has some of PW’s best songs– “Meet Me Down The Alley” and “Pine Box”. To be honest, I’d take this over Let It Be or Hootennany any day. Don’t forget, those albums had a lot of filler too(with albeit a few killer tracks).

  3. Jesus, has everyone forgot to just listen to a guitar mess that blisters your ears. This is simple stuff here. It already tops my best of for 04. Quit looking for all the explanations and deep thoughts in this kind of music. Shit, it sounds like he just wants to turn his guitar up and rip. The rest of you stick to your middle of the road made for TV drivel and crack another lite beer to wash it down.

  4. Westerberg is doing some great stuff right now. Mono is simply amazing…I’ll take it over the ridiculously polished sound of “Pleased to Meet Me” any day. Paul doesn’t care what you think again…and that’s what’s made his best music in the past.

  5. Remember when Paul actually *finished* songs? I’m as big a fan as anyone, but these rough drafts and offhand sketches do not an album make.

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