Jay Kaiser and Mandy Carter – No Complaints with the View

Jay Kaiser & Mandy CarterNo Complaints with the View

I feel a little guilty admitting this, but when I grabbed this cd from the GLONO goody bag it was with the sole intention tearing into it because it looked like such a lame release. I can’t say that it didn’t meet and exceed my expectations. Come to think of it, No Complaints with the View became a musical high colonic to clear my system of all the great music I’ve been listening to lately. Jay Kaiser’s voice really bugs the crap out of me. Not exactly a falsetto, but definitely in the higher register and whiny enough to get on my nerves. But, once you get over that treat you get some really lame lyrics and lots of open mic acoustic strumming. And that’s only the one-two set up for the knockout punch – it’s even got wah-wah!

Lyric sample: “I’m the guy you wouldn’t talk to / I’m the guy who sat alone / I’m the shadow in the back of the room / Looking for someone to talk to / You’re the one that stood me up / You’re the one that made me wait a long, long time.” Get over it, dork. Man, if an album could reek of stanky hippie patchouli, this one would be it. For the folkies at all the food co-ops, hippie coffee shops, and new age crystal stores this one’s for you. So, Jay and Mandy I raise my organic soy triple chai latte in your general direction and wish you the best of luck.

Mp3s available at jayandmandy.com.

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