New Death Cab for Cutie video: Soul Meets Body

New Death Cab video: “Soul Meets Body” (Real, WM, QT)

9 thoughts on “New Death Cab for Cutie video: Soul Meets Body”

  1. this is ok vidoe, but i think there could of been more to it then mashroom flying around like notes. i would like to see the band take them and then see mashrooms in the shape of notes flying around. that would make more sence!

  2. For the sake of you not sounding so stupid, please learn the English grammar and spelling!

    “could of” ?

    “mashroom” ?

  3. I enjoyed this video. Not exactly sure why but it had more character than most videos that consist of the band playing with their instruments and that being the video. It was artistic and something I’m sure most people wouldn’t think of.

  4. I like that video. That concept was intesting, and it matched the song really well in my opinion. The song itself sort of calms me down whenever I hear it.


  5. I love this video – it’s so natural and organic. I agree that it reflects the theme of the song well, the music aging, being captured and even dying, but a little makes it out to a beautiful place, just like people.

  6. I have to say that I really love this song even though my respect for death cab has dwindled due to numerous “O.C.” appearances. The guitar bridge is very addicitive. The video blows a big one, showing goddam hipsters getting high on being hipsters. Also those note things are fecking gross and remind me of the baby from Eraserhead.

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