No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones

No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones – When the baby boomers finally relinquish control of pop culture, who will replace their sacred cows on the perennial “best bands ever” lists?

6 thoughts on “No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones”

  1. if the dave matthews band ever ascends to the “best band ever” seat, as the article gives them 10-1 odds of doing, i think genocide will be in order.

  2. The notion that U2 will be(already is) considered one of the great rock bands of all time makes me sick. God I fucking hate that pretentious bunch of twats. Most overrated band ever.

  3. Well, hell, since the article’s title QUOTES the Clash, and they were arguably The Last Band Who Mattered, I’m gonna have to go with…THE CLASH!

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