Traveling Wilburys Reissued

Traveling Wilburys Reborn With Rhino. Billboard: “After being out of print for more than a decade, the two studio albums from all-star band the Traveling Wilburys will return to the marketplace in a variety of formats June 12…”

Too bad they’re not releasing a remix that eradicates Jeff Lynne’s awful production…

2 thoughts on “Traveling Wilburys Reissued”

  1. Quoth the esteemed Mr. Bryk: “What’s so wrong with a little Dimension D on the slapback?” As you know, with Jeff Lynne, it’s never “a little” anything. It’s never “a little bit of I am The Walrus”, “a little bit of bombast”, “a little bit of cavernous echo which makes all instruments and vocals souind like they were recorded in Notre Dame cathedral”. The man’s not exactly the model of production restraint… (as I’m sure was your point).

    Now Sam Phillips, there’s a man who knew slapback…

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