Webjay: R.I.P.

Webjay is closing up shop. Webjay was a neat little service that allowed anyone to create playlists from mp3s already hosted somewhere on the web. It also ranked playlists by popularity and helped people discover new music. Yahoo bought it in 2006, and is shutting it down at the end of this month.

Until then, you can back up and move existing playlists.

Webjay, we hardly knew ye...

We first noticed the site back in 2004, and created a couple of quickie playlists. I backed them up to m3u and xspf (after the jump), so as long as the files remain on the internet they can be played in your favorite software.

• Glorious Noise MP3s (m3u, xspf)

• MP3s from a certain label before they got uptight (m3u, xspf)

Enjoy it while you can… And get your Pandora on before another one bites the dust!

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