Elvis Is Everywhere (Even Ancient Rome)

Elvis needs boats, Elvis needs boats...Irrefutable new evidence proves that Elvis Presley has been the King for a lot longer than conventionally believed. Are you Roman tonight? Statue of ‘Elvis’ chiselled 1800 years before his birth goes under the hammer:

With his dashing chiselled features, swept back hair and perky bouffant the resemblance is unmistakable.

But incredibly this carving of Elvis Presley was created around 1800 years before the King of Rock and Roll first warbled his first note.

The amazing likeness has come to light as part of a sale of ancient antiques by the auction house Bonhams. […]

The ‘Elvis’ sculpture is 2nd Century AD and is estimated to make £25,000 to £30,000.

This should come as no surprise to true Elvis fans who know that he was actually born long before the heyday of the Roman Empire.

I was born about ten thousand years ago

Ain’t nothing in this world that I don’t know

I saw old pharaoh’s daughter bring Moses from the water

I’ll lick the guy that says it isn’t so.

One thought on “Elvis Is Everywhere (Even Ancient Rome)”

  1. I used to do “Little Sister” at open mike with this strange feller. Except he didn’t know how to play that little Richie Cunningham guitar part. So I had to sing it..”Bare Nare Nare Nare Nare Nare Nare.” Feller went out to Hollyweird. Joined the Friar’s club and did websites for Rip Taylor and Sammy Shore, Pauly shore’s dad who coincdentally opened for Elvis. Small world. Wouldn’t want to paint it though.

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