New Death Cab Due in May

Billboard claims Death Cab Throwing A ‘Curve Ball’ On New Album. From the article:

• The band “opted to record live to analog tape with as few overdubs as possible,” which led, according to bassist Nick Harmer, to “a sampling of the most uptempo, upbeat Death Cab songs as well as some of our saddest.”

• The as-yet-untitled album is due in late May via Atlantic.

• The album includes a “nine-minute jam” called “I Will Possess Your Heart.”

• Chris Walla describes the album as “really weird. […] it’s totally a curve ball, and I think it’s gonna be a really polarizing record. […] It’s really got some teeth. […] louder and more dissonant and … I think abrasive would be a good word to use. […] it sounds kind of crazy.”

There’s a “making of” video on Death Cab’s site, too. “44 days, 3 studios…”

Older MP3s:

Death Cab – “Bend to Squares” from Something About Airplanes

Death Cab – “Prove My Hypothesis” From You Can Play These Songs with Chords

Death Cab – “Company Calls Epilogue” (alternate) From the Forbidden Love E.P.

Death Cab – “Champagne from a paper cup” (live)

Death Cab – “405” (acoustic) from the Forbidden Love E.P.

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