MP3Tunes Sues EMI for Sharing MP3s founder and current MP3Tunes CEO Michael Robertson has counter-sued EMI for distributing free MP3s via MP3 blogs and its own sites, and allowing anyone to download them, “except, apparently, MP3tunes”:

MP3Tunes has made detailed factual allegations that EMI and its affiliates have been engaging in massive free distribution, over the internet, using its own websites, using music blogs and other third party sites, and employing paid content delivery networks, of its song files, including the song files which it alleges MP3 is infringing.

Read the full 10-page declaration (PDF) which provides details of specific song files, including the URLs from which they are distributed. We helpfully link to them after the jump.

Via Slashdot.


Katy Perry, “U R So Gay”

Lil’ Ru, “Don’t I Look Good”

Beastie Boys, “Car Thief A Capella”

Doves, “Sky Starts Falling”

Seth Lakeman, “King and Country”

XX Teens, “Darlin Original”

Moby, “Moby Last Night”

Vincent Vincent and the Villains, “I’m Alive “

Hercules and Love Affair, “Hercules Theme”

Aesop Rock “Ghosts of The Barbary Coast”

Goldenhorse, “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Goldenhorse, “Fish”

Sparklehorse, “Shade and Honey”

Mailers, “Morning Runner”

Baby Shambles, “Lost Art of Murder”

Chris Taylor, “Take Me Anywhere”

Chris Taylor, “That’s How It Goes”

Michael Andrews and Gary Jules, “Mad World”

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