Nirvana Reading Appearance on DVD

The NME reports that Nirvana‘s notorious 1992 Reading Festival appearance will be released on DVD this May. Titled Life Takes No Prisoners, the disc features 27 songs, including covers of Boston‘s “More Than a Feeling” and “The Star Spangled Banner.” There’s no US release date nor a listing on Amazon as yet.

Track listing after the jump…

Track list for Nirvana’s Life Takes No Prisoners DVD:

‘The Rose’/ ‘Intro’


‘Drain You’




‘In Bloom’

‘Come As You Are’


‘About A Girl’



‘Lounge Act’

‘More Than A Feeling’/’Smells Like Teen Spirit’

‘On A Plain’

‘Negative Creep’

‘Been A Son’

‘All Apologies’



‘Stay Away’

‘Spank Thru’

‘Love Buzz’

‘The Money Will Roll Right In’


‘Territorial Pissings’

‘The Star Spangled Banner’

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