Live: The Black Keys in Portland

The Black Keys - Live in Portland, 2010The Black Keys at Crystal Ballroom
Portland, Oregon, October 5, 2010

Keith Richards has said that, “Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll,” which might be more true today than ever before. With bands racing to be louder and harder than the guy next door, too many forget that rock and roll is supposed to be SEXY.

It’s a bit funny and heartwarming, then, to see a couple shaggy Midwestern dudes bring back the roll when rocking out other shaggies in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, the Black Keys are loud and they do indeed rock, but they’ve also found the lusty underside of their music and aren’t afraid to move their hips. That’s especially true of their newer material, and when they bring out a bassist and keyboardist mid-set.

So the upside to autumn’s shorter days is longer nights, and since you’re snuggling under the blankets anyway, why not put on some Black Keys and go for a roll?

Video: The Black Keys – “Too Afraid to Love You” (Live in Studio)

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  1. I keep trying to love these guys. I like everything about them except the songs just don’t stick in my brain at all. Even the new one.

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