New Kevin Morby video: A Random Act Of Kindness

Video: Kevin Morby – “A Random Act Of Kindness”

Directed by Christopher Good. From This Is A Photograph, out May 13 on Dead Oceans.

Good song!

“I set out to write a song where each line could be interpreted in two completely different ways,” explains Morby. “For example; when I sing the words ‘out of trust…’ it could be heard as either I have lost my sense of trust in something or that I am committing an act with trust as my motive. It’s a song about the menacing nature of the sun rising during a dark time in one’s life only to further illuminate their pain and suffering – and how during these periods it is often the selfless acts of strangers that keeps a person going.”

Be nice to strangers! You never know how badly they might need it.

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