Still from Butch Bastard's "Las Vegas Salvation" showing Ian Murray in Las Vegas.

New Butch Bastard: Las Vegas Salvation

Video: Butch Bastard – “Las Vegas Salvation”

Directed by Mike Immerman. From Las Vegas Salvation, out now.

I saw this guy open up for Father John Misty last week. Well, his last song anyway. People might think it’s terrible to skip the opener, but I’m a grownup and I’ve seen enough of them for one lifetime. If doors open at seven and there’s an opening band, I’ll be there at 8:30. If everything works out perfectly, I’ll catch the last song and be able to determine whether or not I made a bad decision. In this case it was Butch Bastard’s “Elegy for the Baby Boomer in D.” One line stood out: “Jumping Jack Flash gonna sell you a mobile phone.” So yeah, another geriatric millennial pointing out the hypocrisy of the literally geriatric hippie generation. I was on the fence.

But “Las Vegas Salvation” is slightly more original in its cynicism, full of the self-loathing that comes from blowing your wad in the gambling capital of the world. And it’s more fun than the cheerless “Elegy”. It’s got whistling as a hook plus a catchy chorus. The vocal effects might remind of you of Fleet Foxes, which makes sense since Butch Bastard’s Ian Murray was a part of that whole scene and a member of Fleet Foxes side-project Poor Moon.

I can wash away my sins now, baby, with a gallon of gasoline
Let the tongues of a beating sun lick down on me.

The video rides with this this idea, but I won’t spoil the punchline. Watch it for yourself. It’s good.

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Video: Butch Bastard – “Elegy for the Baby Boomer in D”

Directed by Grant James. From Las Vegas Salvation, out now.

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