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Great Lakes Myth Society: Live at Martyr’s

Great Lakes Myth SocietyGreat Lakes Myth Society at Martyr’s

Friday, July 27, 2007

Having run in the self-consciously scruffy alt-country circuit for far too long, I am always happy to see a band put a little flair into their presentation. There’s nothing like a fine suit or a handsome tie to give a band a bit more luster under colored stage lights. And so I was a bit too excited to see the Great Lakes Myth Society scoobied out in their Sunday Thrift Store Best. It was a fine show, but the set, like their wardrobe, showed signs of over-wear and maybe a hint of pretension.

I like the indie rock. Sure, I like a wailing guitar solo from time to time, but I have no qualms with melodic, intelligent rock with queer song structure and a lack of machismo. Math geeks like to be stars too, you know. So I was looking forward to seeing this band from my home state I’d heard so much about. Eastern Michigan (read: Detroit) boasts a particularly insular music scene and is prone to hype so I approach all word of Best New Thing from the Motor City with a heaping bag of salt.

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