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New At The Drive In video: Call Broken Arrow

Video: At The Drive In — “Call Broken Arrow” At The Drive In – Call Broken Arrow (Official Music Video)Watch this video on YouTube From in•ter a•li•a, out now on Rise Records. I’ve gotta admit I still hold a grudge at this band for breaking up and bankrupting Grand Royal. But that was a long … Continue reading New At The Drive In video: Call Broken Arrow


New music from the ashes of ATDI Johnny Loftus At The Drive In reached its apex during the brief reign of Nu Metal in the hearts and minds of backyard wrestlers everywhere. But the car-crushing quintent from El Paso, Texas never fully unleashed its hydraulic screech upon the masses, dissolving just as their bus was … Continue reading EVERYTHING ZEN

At the Drive-In vs. Oasis

Jeff, you should check out At the Drive-In. They are a wild bunch from Texas that kick it out Detroit-style. They have a real MC5 attitude and great hair. I don’t know what the Gallaghers are up to these days besides getting divorced. I reckon they’re sitting around listening to Abbey Road, which would be … Continue reading At the Drive-In vs. Oasis