New L7 video: Burn Baby

Video: L7 – “Burn Baby”

L7 "Burn Baby" Official Video

Directed by Courtney and Hillary Andujar. From Scatter The Rats, due May 3 on Blackheart Records.

After a couple singles on Don Giovanni L7 is back with their first full length album since the nineties. Scatter The Rats will be out May 3 on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records.

Donita Sparks says, “When we decided to make a new record, Joan was there for us as the good friend she has always been. So great to stomp into Blackheart Records with her at the helm. We’re very excited to work with Joan and the entire Blackheart family. Just imagine the family dinners!”

“Burn Baby” has a bit of that classic “Pretend You’re Dead” riffology and the notorious L7 bad attitude.

I think you’re a fraud
And you know I’m a fake
But at the end of the day, we all burn at the stake.


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New Rain Phoenix video: Time is the Killer (ft. Michael Stipe)

Video: Rain Phoenix – “Time is the Killer” (ft. Michael Stipe)

Rain Phoenix – “Time is the Killer” (ft. Michael Stipe) (Official Music Video)

Directed by Bobby Bukowski and Bradley Gregg. From Time Gone, out now on KRO.

When Rain Phoenix was 15 she started a band with her brother River. Aleka’s Attic played shows and recorded some music but didn’t release much. It’s been just over 25 years since River Phoenix died and now his sister has put out a single with two previously unreleased Aleka’s Attic tracks, plus her own new song.

“Time is the Killer” is a haunting ballad that begins with the clever phrase, “Everybody’s dying to know where we go when we die.”

She told Rolling Stone the song is “about impermanence, our futile attempts at avoiding it and the bittersweet outcome of everything changing all the time.”

Michael Stipe was recruited out of retirement to provide a harmony vocal. “Stipe asked to hear the song. He loved it. He said yes. I am still in shock. His voice is magic.”

Rain Phoenix: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 29

Rolling Stone issue #29 had a cover date of March 15, 1969. 32 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Janis Joplin by Baron Wolman.

Features: “Bob Dylan: ‘I Can’t Remember Where They Come From'” by Jann Wenner; “Janis: The Judy Garland of Rock and Roll?” by Paul Nelson; “Roller Derby: Nobody Loves Us But The Fans” by John Grissim, Jr.; “The Incredible String Band” by Michael March; “The Fool” by J.M. Rose; “Flatt & Scruggs” by David Gancher; “Forgiven” by Richard Brautigan.

News: “Lloyd and Cotton, Heat Take Fall”; “John and Yoko Slapped Hard”; “L.U.V. Movement Hits the Campus”; “Students Get Naked With Playboy”; “Two LA Stations’ History of Pop”; “Beck Fires Two, Delays Tour”; “COME Opens With All-Star Staff”; “Wanted: Hip Cops”; “James Bond + Monkees = Tomorrow”; “KMPX & KSAN Fire Three Jocks”; “Melanie’s Got A Last Name”; “EYE Trouble Plagues Hearst”; “Meher Baba Dies; Silent 43 Years”; “Gabby Hayes Is Dead at 83.”

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New Pip Blom video: Daddy Issues

Video: Pip Blom – “Daddy Issues”

Pip Blom – Daddy Issues (Official Video)

Directed by Edward Zorab. From Boat, due May 31 on Heavenly.

“The video is a love letter to classic cinema, but also a cautionary tale,” says frontwoman Pip Blom. “Our culture makes it too easy to fall in love with things which aren’t real, and if you’re not careful you can end up in a sort of groundhog day cycle of self-induced disappointment. I think the surreal narrative of the video encapsulates that in quite a self aware way.”

I dunno. Is that really the moral of this video? To me, it seems like the kid had a really nice, fully-realized dream. Did it end up in self-induced disappointment? We don’t really see any evidence of that in the video. Life’s short; you don’t get all that many chances to bounce on a bed and play patty cake with people, so you probably ought to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Especially when you’re young.

Or whenever in your dreams. After all, a wise man said, you’re innocent when you dream.

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New Sebadoh video: Celebrate the Void

Video: Sebadoh – “Celebrate the Void”

Sebadoh – celebrate the void

From Act Surprised, out May 24 on Dangerbird.

Lou Barlow has teamed back up with Jason Loewenstein and recorded a new Sebadoh album with Bob D’Amico on drums.

Barlow says, “The first line of this song: ‘I get the feeling you don’t feel me’ is pretty good. It could be a line in an Ariana Grande song, I like it. I followed it from there through some general complaints about a composite character in my life, someone I could never crack. Sometimes the walls are too high. If you think about it, the resistance was always there, even in the very beginning. What to do? Pick endlessly at the seams? Replay moments in my head looking for a way to explain it all? No, stop, there is no one answer and that’s OK…Celebrate the void.”

Lou recently posted a funny (and kinda bitchy) story on his Instagram about his original Sebadoh partner:

“Eric Gaffney, then a full fledged member of the band (receiving equal 1/3rd of all (inc. merch) proceeds according t band constitutional decree) made his -own- band t-shirt and sold them discreetly at each show, keeping all profits t himself etc. a brazen move that only a genius such as himself could pull off.. of course we knew what was happening and didn’t say much.. shortly afterwards he demanded 1/3rd of all recording advances t record his own material and -not- tour with th band (ala Brian Wilson) that didn’t go down as well.. to his credit we were never quite th same band after he left, we reached some wonderful peaks of chaos and beauty w him behind th drums and on guitar..”

Good times.

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New Angie McMahon video: Pasta

Video: Angie McMahon – “Pasta”

Pasta (Official Video)

Directed by Ben McNamara. From Salt, coming this later year. “A Couple of Songs” single out now on Dualtone.

Angie McMahon sings, “I’ve been lost for a while and I’m feeling tired” and sums up the overall sentiment of the past couple of years of living in an increasingly disappointing world.

But the video prove’s there’s hope! The answer, my friends, is wagging its tail in the alley. Nothing can make you feel less blue than the love of a dog. And Angie McMahon’s backyard air guitar concert for the neighborhood pooches will make everybody feel better.

She says, “This one’s about feeling really tired, trying anyway, and wanting to rock out like Springsteen. I wrote it after eating a whole lasagna.”

Right on!

And I spend so much time eating pasta
Although I’m probably allergic
And other people seem to move so much faster

Only an Australian can rhyme “pasta” with “faster.”

And of course I’m a sucker for any video featuring a wiener dog.

Angie McMahon: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Via cos.

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New Neil & Liam Finn Video: Where’s My Room

Video: Neil & Liam Finn – “Where’s My Room”

Neil & Liam Finn – Where's My Room

Directed by Sam Kristofski. From Lightsleeper, out now.

When your father is Neil Finn, then odds are when you make music it is going to be different. No, not in reaction to your famous(ish) father, no, not in spite of him, but it is going to be different when you are making music with him.

When your son is Liam Finn, then when you make music with him it is going to be wholly unlike what has now become your day job, which is playing with Fleetwood Mac. (Typically one might write “playing in Fleetwood Mac,” but after the Lindsay Buckingham legal dust-up with the members of that band, it makes one wonder whether Finn and Mike Campbell aren’t, perhaps, employees of Fleetwood Mac, LLC.)

Finn fils et père put out a record this past summer, Lightsleeper, which also happens to include other members of the Finn clan, including Neil’s wife, Sharon, and their other son, Elroy.

And now we have a video for “Where’s My Room,” a strange video with numerous, repeated, tracking shots in a hotel hallway that brings Kubrick to mind and another hallway that seems as though it is manor decorated by a Maori artisan.

As professional musicians, the two Finns have spent more than their share of time in hotel hallways, some less creepy, some less ornate, than those shown in the video (the hallways of which are randomly populated by rather, um, exotic individuals whom you would probably stick a chair under your room’s doorknob for additional security were you to find them in your local Hyatt).

In “Where’s My Room” there is a repetitive pulse for almost exactly the first half, at which point there is a shift that becomes more melodic and we see the family at work. Then for about the last third there is a different but similar throbbing beat.

When your family is perhaps most clearly associated with Crowded House, then odds are you’re going to make something that isn’t.

Neil and Liam Finn: web, twitter (Neil), twitter (Liam), amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Son Volt video: Devil May Care

Video: Son Volt – “Devil May Care”

Son Volt – Devil May Care – Full Length Official

From Union, out March 29.

How great is Jay Farrar? He’s been writing consistently good songs for thirty years now. It’s pretty crazy if you think about how long and how consistent his career has been. Even heroes like Neil Young went through a dicey phase 20 or 30 years into their careers; Jay Farrar has rarely slipped up.

And now he’s written a song about the nuts and bolts of making music and how it helps to keep you focused when the world around you is crazy.

No artifacts just melody rings
Compression drivers pushing air
Phantom power and faders up
Keeping time, keeping sane

Farrar told Billboard that he wanted a song for the thematically political album “to embody a more regular rock ethos… I was thinking about bands like the Replacements, who would fall off the stage in the first chords of their songs, the Stones, the Who.” Lyrically, the song channels “the flowery language put on a lot of music equipment packaging–’stellar magnetic winding’ from string packages or something, that kind of Guitar Center reality.”

Son Volt: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Peter Doherty video: Who’s Been Having You Over

Video: Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres – “Who’s Been Having You Over”

Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres – Who's Been Having You Over (Official Video)

Directed by Roger Sargent. From Peter Doherty & the Puta Madres, due April 26 on Strap Originals.

There was a time not too long ago I was sure we were going to lose Pete Doherty. Every picture looked like it was likely to be his last. So I am not only really happy that he’s still with us, but seems healthier and maybe–just maybe–happier than he’s looked in years. He and his fellow Libertines bought a seaside hotel to move into, Monkees-style, as a sort of creative commune/workspace/real estate investment. Yes, things are looking up for Pete.

But the rest of the world is fucked. While the United States elected an unrepentant fraud and liar to the highest office in the land, Britain voted to leave the European Union but now can’t figure out how. Pete’s life of chaos seems to have been excised from his bruised body and unleashed upon the rest of us. And he has something to say about it, which plays to Pete Doherty’s greatest strength: the dude is a great lyricist.

In “Who’s Been Having You Over,” Pete takes a swipe at phonies: phony rockers and, seemingly, phony radicals. Let’s face it, protest and radicalism have always been susceptible to being co-opted by the mainstream and–God forbid–the Establishment. So Pete gets out ahead of it.

You’re so rock ‘n’ roll
My, you’re so rock ‘n’ roll
Oh but the rhyme that it took
To fill the right hook
You need a miracle
A crow bar and a miracle

And to put a fine point on it:

Who’s been having you over?
Yeah, who’s been tucking you up?
Shaking you down?
Who’s been having you over?
The world once was flat, the world got round

We’ve been had, gang. But at least we can look good while we’re getting ground into the dust. If we’re smart, we’ll buy up the one thing we can’t make more of and might just become a vanishing commodity: seaside property.

Peter Doherty: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Midnight Caller Episode 5

He was a spaz. So bad that he once slapped a teacher right across the face. We couldn’t believe it. The whole class froze for a moment. And then sped up very fast like an old film projector breaking loose from a jam. There was David, running around the room while we lost our minds, screaming like chimps until Mrs. Oatman caught him and threw him in the bathroom where he tore it up until he went quiet. Nervously, she opened the door to check on him and he was out like a shot and running down the street; running home again.

David was a year older than us but in the same grade. He had a frenetic energy that fueled kids and exhausted adults. He came by it naturally. His dad, Dave Sr., would scream from the sidelines of our baseball games. “Run, you pollack! Run!” We couldn’t believe he called him that, his own son. But the more we laughed, the more the veins in his neck bulged. “Run you pollack! Run!”

While Sr was screaming, Jr was whispering. It was a creepy habit he’d picked up that summer. He’d heard it on the radio and thought it was hilarious to come up behind you, quiet as a black cat, and whisper in your ear: “Be quiet, big boys don’t cry. Big boys don’t cry.” We were in 4th grade and despite our recently acquired trucker mouths, we were not big boys. The act of one of our classmates whispering that in our ears was unnerving and he knew it. That’s why he did it. He was a year older, after all.

It was also the summer of the Atlanta child murders and even though we were 1200 miles away, we were enthralled with horrified fascination. They were our age, some of them. And they kept disappearing. One after another. Sometimes found, sometimes not.

“He’s gonna get us,” Dave would cackle as we raced back to our houses when the street lights came on. “He’s gonna get us!”

It didn’t matter how many times we explained that Georgia was a 12 hour drive away and that he seemed to target black kids, Dave would talk about how he was going to get us. There were countless ways he was going to get us too. In our beds, in our garages, reaching up to pull us down just before we reached the top stair. He was there and he was going to get us. Dave talked about this non-stop. HE was in every conversation, every drawing, everywhere. Dave talked and talked and talked about him.

Until one day Dave disappeared, and we never saw him again.

Songs featured:

“One of These Nights” by Eagles

“Angelina” by Daystar

“I’m Not in Love” by 10 CC

Rock and roll can change your life.