Andrew Bird recording new album

Andrew Bird is recording his new album at the Wilco Loft in Chicago. He writes about it for the New York Times:

Often times the choice becomes: Do you give the song what it wants? Or do you go against its demands? “Oh No” seemed to be asking for a 1970s Jackson Brown or Fleetwood Mac type of dead snare drum sound. That “everything’s gonna be just fine” sort of beat. The pitfall of approaching it like this is that your song can get hijacked by someone else’s record collection. I personally feel that the world has had its fill of 70s light rock. So we’re forced to be more creative. Not a bad alternative, though sometimes, you just say, “Why fight it? This just feels too good.”

Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with!

8 thoughts on “Andrew Bird recording new album”

  1. Being notoriously late to the game per usual, I just discovered him the last few weeks and have been devouring his other recordings like mad.

    I’m excited to hear what’s next and for one never think there can be enough 70’s lite rock in world. Or soundalikes.

  2. i love this man. i can’t wait to hear the next record! so far, i’ve got his entirely catalog and it’s all spectacular.

  3. I’ve heard a few songs by him and really enjoyed them. Where should I start in his catalog? I’m the type, who will go nuts on if I discover someone new!

  4. The Mysterious Production Of Eggs is pretty great. One thing I’ve noticed is that, for me, his albums take a few listens to get into. Some of the stuff that seemed too mellow (boring even!) on first listen no longer seems that way at all.

  5. I agree 100% with that, Jakey. Bird’s stuff tends to insinuate itself after repeated listenings.

    He really rewards the persistent listener.

  6. ‘the swimming hour’ is a pretty good way to start too.

    ‘mysterious production’ is flawless, though.

    i’m with ya too, jake. it took me years to be able to acknowledge how interesting he really is.

  7. I think thats when I enjoy music the most. When you can “discover” a song later on after you might have dismissed it or didn’t get it the first time around. Thanks for your suggestions!

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