BETTER 360 Tour of CBGBs Online

Sure, there’s a lot on the Internet that is utter nonsense and sometimes even psychologically damaging, but then there are little gems like this: Virtual Tour of CBGBs.

Let the Flash load (it’s slow) because it’s so worth it. Get a 360 degree panoramic view of the legendary punk bar. Zoom in on graffiti. See Hilly sitting in his office chair. Walk around the stage, soundboard, and backstage areas. You’ll recognize the images as an updated version of this but the functionality is much better and gives you a more personal look at the club than you likely could have had when it was open.

CBGBs closed on October 15, 2006 after 33 years as THE punk club in New York (if not all of America) and is now a storefront for high-end men’s fashion designer John Varvatos.

This is a real service and such great use of technology. Check it out.


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