Lots of Links: Twitter Roundup #16

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# Cracking the pallophotophone code. Radio recordings from 1929-31 ft. the voices of Edison, Herbert Hoover, & Henry Ford. http://ow.ly/1Uhq4 2 minutes ago

# A great interview with Topspin’s Ian Rogers about the music biz: http://bit.ly/bwSs0E @iancr 22 minutes ago

# On This Day in 2004: “Glorious Noise is good” — Colin O’Malley, TRUSTe http://ow.ly/1UeSS Do you still follow us, @micshasan? about 1 hour ago

# RT @soundofthecity: The 10 Most Shocking Revelations About the Tragic Last Days of Gang Starr MC Guru http://bit.ly/cxBA2o about 2 hours ago

# Cool. RT @genesimmons: Hey, if you’re 14 years old or under, you can attend any KISS concert in the upcoming N. American Tour for FREE. about 19 hours ago

# “We support the boycott of Arizona.” RT @robertloerzel: Los Lobos cancels Arizona concert. http://www.loslobos.org/site/news.shtml about 20 hours ago

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# Monkee Micky Dolenz Pays Tribute To Carole King http://ow.ly/17BHIb Could be good, will probably be terrible. about 20 hours ago

# Frank Zappa on Crossfire 1986, debating music censorship and “moving America toward a fascist theocracy.” http://youtu.be/B9856_xv8gc 10:24 AM Jun 3rd

# 97,751 albums released in 2009. Only 12 sold more than 1 million. Only 771 sold > 5,000. RT @billboardglenn: http://bit.ly/d8Kjoc 7:14 AM Jun 3rd

# From 1998-2001. @thethe RT @slicingeyeballs: The The airs tracks from unreleased ‘Gun Sluts,’ ‘2 Blocks Below Canal’ http://su.pr/3pZAUq 7:07 AM Jun 3rd

# Former GLONO contributor @staceykanderson interviews Woody Allen. And yes, he hit on her (pg 3). http://bit.ly/9mxOAN 4:38 AM Jun 3rd

# Kazaa guys start Rdio subscription service. RT @nytimesmusic: File-Sharing Site Now Selling Music http://nyti.ms/dy0wK8 4:16 AM Jun 3rd

# New record store in Chicago from the fine folks at Carrot Top (who distributed GLONO Records). RT @robertloerzel: http://bit.ly/blQ8ay 8:36 PM Jun 2nd

# What does “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” really mean? #takeiteasy 6:40 PM Jun 2nd

# “Only if you’re very rich can you afford to walk around with no necktie on.” William Gaines on To Tell the Truth http://youtu.be/NSoxQNJjkFs 1:34 PM Jun 2nd

# Free Paul Weller song: http://amzn.to/bVZsWn + 30-song deluxe edition for $7.99: http://amzn.to/cCedtq 12:30 PM Jun 2nd

# For sale: Sid Vicious’ swastika shirt he wore in The Great Rock N Roll Swindle. http://ow.ly/1Tdm4 12:13 PM Jun 2nd

# Teenage Fanclub albums sneak up on you, don’t they? All of a sudden, it’s like, Damn, this song is GREAT, too! 10:26 AM Jun 2nd

# “leave the cheap shots in at your own peril, profile-writers.” RT @soundofthecity: Lynn Hirschberg Responds… http://bit.ly/dBShGX @_m_i_a_ 10:17 AM Jun 2nd

# Anybody else find it odd that Isaac Brock is using the Ugly Casanova moniker with the Modest Mouse lineup? http://ow.ly/1T4G0 8:15 AM Jun 2nd

# Shameful. RT @1000TimesYes: Pitchfork has NEVER reviewed a Los Lobos album! WTF guys, they’re the ORIGINAL “wolf band”!! 8:08 AM Jun 2nd

# How Microsoft could turn Zune from a punch line into an asset (maybe). http://ow.ly/1SIrV 2:09 PM Jun 1st

# Ice Cube w the Roots – Straight Outta Compton RT @questlove: dude. when cube gave us the green light? we ran with it. http://bit.ly/9TpcvC 1:51 PM Jun 1st

# “one indication that you’re getting in deep is when your car has its own oil spot on the other person’s driveway.” http://ow.ly/1SDrt 11:41 AM Jun 1st

# The Hound covers Buck Owens whose best stuff is amazing, must-hear music. Even Buck’s mediocre stuff is pretty damn good. http://ow.ly/1SCr0 11:13 AM Jun 1st

# Good old Meltzer: “Here is my advice: don’t. Don’t be a music journalist. All you will become in doing so is a shill.” http://ow.ly/1SvM7 8:10 AM Jun 1st

# Average YouTube video gets 50% of its total views in first 6 days. After 20 days: 75%. http://bit.ly/9pSnwo 7:49 AM Jun 1st

# Deanish. RT @ashmont: The very first review of the Pernice To Me book, by none other than Robert Christgau. http://bit.ly/cbjK0p 6:33 AM Jun 1st

# RT @toddtotale: The new Paul Weller album is really good. Review to come. 7:54 PM May 31st

# Phew. RT @PopMatters: PopMatters has not been acquired. They will be selling ads for PopMatters 5:18 PM May 31st

# PopMatters, Gorilla vs. Bear, ConcreteLoop, PureVolume, RCRDLBL, Hype Machine all join the BuzzNet empire. http://nyti.ms/at9AqR 3:14 PM May 31st

# Whoa. Congrats to all the sellouts! ;) RT @Lefsetz: Other than the Hype Machine, does anybody use this guy’s sites? http://nyti.ms/at9AqR 3:07 PM May 31st

# Save the date! RT @rivierasound: Portland: keep June 19 free. Just sayin’ 6:19 AM May 31st

# Currently reading about the history of the Vocoder: http://m.npr.org/story/126781688 8:30 PM May 30th

# Truffle-Flavored French Fries are apparently not that fancy. Truffle oil is synthetic. Who knew? http://bit.ly/9rGEPJ @_m_i_a_ 1:36 PM May 30th

# So if an artist tweets a leak, does that make it official? RT @Kanye_Info: #NewTrack Kanye West ft. Dwele – Power http://bit.ly/bN2LdI 11:25 AM May 30th

# Music Videos Make a Web Comeback: “Online video always seems as if it’s going behind the backs of managers and labels” http://nyti.ms/aHKoNA 6:12 AM May 30th

# Bewildered by the Blackhawks’ embrace of the Fratellis. The lyrics to “Chelsea Dagger” are a little twisted for hockey. She’s a tranny, no? 8:35 PM May 29th

# No mention of the Monkees Head? RT @matoswk75: My @rollingstone obit for Dennis Hopper: http://bit.ly/92rJUl 6:30 PM May 29th

# RT @robertloerzel: Dennis Hopper dead at 74: http://bit.ly/bCsv2Y 12:18 PM May 29th

# It’s probably difficult for young people to realize how awesome Endtroducing… DJ Shadow was. 11:43 AM May 29th

# Men used to wear suits! RT @lcdsoundsystem: Dear grown ass men:at the airport, please wear pants? Cargo shorts and sandals don’t count. 8:50 AM May 29th

# I love the pirate one though. RT @matoswk75: OMG, FreeCreditReport.com is firing that fucking band?! FINALLY 5:07 AM May 29th

# Kinda sad. RT @jgrossnas: “A Record Collection Of Links- Collecting In The Age Of Streaming Music” http://bit.ly/aS8Giq 5:01 AM May 29th

# RT @scottw00ds: Greil Marcus’s (and others) Lester Bangs obituary: http://bit.ly/d8LZjK 7:47 PM May 28th

# Cute lil bob! RT @billboardglenn: Willie Nelson chops off his legendary braids http://bit.ly/b3wjFa 5:24 PM May 28th

# RT @crawdada: New Ugly Cassanova song(s)…Finally! http://bit.ly/9c8sdJ 1:04 PM May 28th

# Never saw this before: Winona Ryder as Jon Spencer, Giovanni Ribisi as Judah Bauer, John C. Reilly as Russell Simins. http://ow.ly/1RkDm 12:28 PM May 28th

# I hope ZZ Top made it up to John Lee Hooker (who “assigned his rights” away to his producer) somehow. 11:57 AM May 28th

# Court said “Boogie Chillen” was public domain. That just seems disrespectful to the blues. http://ow.ly/1Rjpn 11:54 AM May 28th

# John Lee Hooker’s publishers lost when they sued ZZ Top for stealing “La Grange” from “Boogie Chillen.” http://ow.ly/1Rjpn 11:53 AM May 28th

# Pervy Catholics! RT @tommy_stinson: My Mom sent me this picture. […] wall at St. Peter’s Basilica http://twitpic.com/1rvlg5 11:07 AM May 28th

# They’re great live. Be sure to heckle a little! Jon Spencer loves it. RT @davidwala: Heavy Trash sounds like a good option for tonight 11:06 AM May 28th

# Oh yeah, that’s nice. RT @tankboy: Kanye drops a new tune and brings King Crimson along for the ride. Snag the MP3. http://bit.ly/c8ig4L 11:04 AM May 28th

# The Stone Roses played at Spike Island twenty years ago today (May 27). 9:58 AM May 28th

# That Keith vocal version of “Soul Survivor” is pretty great. Worth the price right there. #nowplaying 7:53 AM May 28th

# “I fucked your woman for money” – Plunder My Soul #misheardlyrics 6:45 AM May 28th

# “Soul hateration in the dead of night” – Search & Destroy #misheardlyrics 6:43 AM May 28th

# RT @TwentyFourBit: Hear Neil Young Debut 5 New Songs Live http://bit.ly/ao1xhx 3:54 AM May 28th

# 800! Although I’m pretty sure #800 is an seo spambot: @artiezan. Oh well, thanks everybody…and everybot. 8:39 PM May 27th

# iTunes is totally anachronistic. Why do I need to plug in to sync? Why are upgrades such a pain? Why isn’t it web-based yet? It’s 2010, yo. 7:00 PM May 27th

# The part about syncing iTunes is on the mark though. RT @fingertipsmusic: Slate says “the digital download is dead” http://ow.ly/1QQQC 6:58 PM May 27th

# Idol’s DeWyze, Bowersox Sign Record Deals to 19/RCA & 19/Jive, respectively. http://ow.ly/17wBmA 4:47 PM May 27th

# Ha. RT @jesshopp: RT @vulture: M.I.A. still has nothing on Courtney Love when it comes to hating Lynn Hirschberg. http://nym.ag/9bniHq 11:54 AM May 27th

# Faces, With Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall, Planning Tour – http://ow.ly/17wnGd 11:44 AM May 27th

# “I kind of want to be an outsider,” she (@_M_I_A_) said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry. http://nyti.ms/b7MLzP 11:41 AM May 27th

# So…how badly will Clive Davis mishandle Crystal’s debut? Dude SIGNED Janis in 67, so he OUGHT to know. But he’ll still fuck it up. #idol 8:28 AM May 27th

# Listening to the new Arcade Fire song on the radio (NPR, natch). T.Rex much? 4:50 AM May 27th

# Apple passes MS in market value. RT @emazer: usefulness and quality win out: http://bit.ly/d6fATi 4:20 AM May 27th

# Thanks to weird @alyankovic for that @Neil_Hamburger RT. 4:11 AM May 27th

# RT @Neil_Hamburger: Every time a new American Idol is crowned, there’s one less Indian casino booking available for the Little River Band. 4:10 AM May 27th

# Totally. RT @maura: tonight’s ‘idol’ recap: closing the book and closing the door. http://bit.ly/9ytAHv 4:09 AM May 27th

# Shit, I apparently blooped through them using a Sufjan Stevens song underneath a montage on #idol. Darn TiVo! 7:23 PM May 26th

# Once again, American voters prove they cannot be trusted with important decisions. Not that it matters. #idol 7:11 PM May 26th

# How sappy am I that I actually teared up a little when he hit the stage? Celeb Appr clearly affected me. RT @maura: bret michaels wins. 6:55 PM May 26th

# RT @rivierasound: Portlanders, stay tuned 3:07 PM May 26th

# Who will be our 800th follower? Spread the word. 2:50 PM May 26th

# RT @tankboy: Fascinating facts about PBR. Did you know it was owned by a non-profit and doesn’t make its own beer? http://n.pr/dbdBcz 1:36 PM May 26th

# Video: The Jam’s Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton reunite on stage; first time since 1982 http://su.pr/2gL1Q5 1:32 PM May 26th

# Download: The Cure plays ‘Disintegration’ live in Dallas on 1989’s Prayer Tour http://su.pr/8Dq8Rk 1:32 PM May 26th

# I mean, I like that song (and that sound) and all, but… 12:56 PM May 26th

# Are there at least, like, 4 songs on the new Blitzen Trapper that sound EXACTLY like “Black River Killer”? 12:56 PM May 26th

# The Boston Phoenix digs deep into the strange relationship between Guru and Solar. http://ow.ly/1QiT7 12:21 PM May 26th

# Robert Christgau digs Louis Armstrong. We all should. There’s a new biography, but I’d rather listen to his music. http://ow.ly/1Qgd9 10:56 AM May 26th

# And those bonus tracks are just ok. Could’ve, should’ve been way better. I’ve heard the (lo-fi) bootlegs. #exile #rollingstones 9:26 AM May 26th

# Just finished listening to the Exile reissue. Not at all convinced the remaster sounds better than the 1994 Virgin remaster by Bob Ludwig. 9:24 AM May 26th

# Holy shit – Paul Weller reunites with The Jam’s Bruce Foxton. http://ht.ly/1Qcw8 [Video included]. First time on stage since 1982 9:07 AM May 26th

# Karen Elson plays “Cruel Summer” – no, not the Banarama song. Unfortunately. http://youtu.be/NvBcSDnRyc8 8:51 AM May 26th

# RT @CNN: Singer Mindy McCready hospitalized. http://on.cnn.com/aRITUi 10:01 PM May 25th

# RT @nytimesmusic: U.S. Is Said to Scrutinize Apple’s Online Music Tactics http://nyti.ms/dqmlOK 9:57 PM May 25th

# Liam Gallagher unveils new band name: Beady Eye. No, seriously… http://ht.ly/1PRYg 4:54 PM May 25th

# rimshot RT @perryfarrell: Dave broke out some new gear for our recording (A Super Pickle.) Don’t get too excited ladies it’s an effect unit. 4:03 PM May 25th

# RT @nytimesmusic: Fritz Sennheiser, 98, Electronics Executive, Dies http://nyti.ms/avKhP3 3:06 PM May 25th

# “The top three contestants received a total of 47 million votes, down from 88 million at the same point last season.” http://ow.ly/1POPt 2:26 PM May 25th

# “The Stones were the bearers of a musical post-racialism that was both ahead of its time and increasingly behind it.” http://ow.ly/1PMYx 1:18 PM May 25th

# Is there any historical evidence that Nellcote really was a Gestapo headquarters? I’m not buying it. #rollingstones #exile #myths 1:11 PM May 25th

# Streaming the Cure live at the Dallas Starplex, Sept 1989. So good. So evocative. So 1989 (best and worst parts). http://ow.ly/1PLhD 12:23 PM May 25th

# Nice work if you can get it. RT @soundofthecity: Fun Fact: Sufjan Stevens Got Paid $147,338 For His 2007 BQE Commission http://bit.ly/9QH0Mn 11:01 AM May 25th

# Q&A: @solangeknowles On Why Working With @xxofMontrealxx “Makes All the Fucking Sense in The World” http://bit.ly/aWaCm2 @soundofthecity 10:25 AM May 25th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Our review of The Cure’s ‘Disintegration: Deluxe Edition’ http://su.pr/1cByr0 10:22 AM May 25th

# April Fool? Oh wait, it’s May. RT @Billboard_Music: Phil Spector Produces New Album — For Wife http://ow.ly/17uA0v 6:34 AM May 25th

# Robbie Fulks & Nora O’Connor @hideoutchicago (again). http://twitpic.com/1qrv4q 6:29 PM May 24th

# RT @poljunk: Taibbi leaves True/Slant, returns to Rolling Stone: http://ht.ly/1PkCu 4:12 PM May 24th

# Macca awarded Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from the Library of Congress http://ht.ly/1Pk6h 3:39 PM May 24th

# Slipknot bassist Paul Grey dead at 38 http://ht.ly/1PjXX 3:32 PM May 24th

# RT @MOJOmagazine: Meet MOJO’s new guest editor…Mr Tom Waits! http://tinyurl.com/39rhk8k 7:29 AM May 24th

# RT @natcromlech: Had the time of my life, watching my 12-year-old daughter pogoing and singing along to @Buzzcocks in Detroit last night. 7:29 PM May 23rd

# Rock cliches start *somewhere* http://ht.ly/1OLYF Jimmy Page deep throats Jack Daniels. 9:04 AM May 23rd

# Marquardt Trucking Co. RT @tankboy: Dead Weather announces venue for tonight’s Chicago show. 21+ due to open bar. http://bit.ly/d742mr 5:34 PM May 22nd

# RT @tankboy: RT @Chicagoist: Dead Weather announces venue for tonight’s Chicago show. 21+ due to open bar. http://bit.ly/d742mr 3:04 PM May 22nd

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Unhappy birthday: #Morrissey is 51 today; watch entire ‘Live in Dallas’ concert film – http://su.pr/2pVH25 1:58 PM May 22nd

# Con’t: In effect, Danny Tate has been forced to pay for the legal fight to oppose his own legal claim http://ht.ly/1OyRF 8:56 AM May 22nd

# After losing his rights, songwriter fights back http://ht.ly/1OyPI Freaky story of how easily rights can be taken away 8:54 AM May 22nd

# Vic Chesnutt’s “About To Choke” Gets Reissued http://ht.ly/1OyN5 VIA/@nodepression 8:52 AM May 22nd

# Dead Weather to play secret Chicago show tonight. Guesses on a location? 8:19 AM May 22nd

# Adam Ant committed under British Mental Health Act: http://ht.ly/1Oybo Receiving treatment in the Chelsea & Westminster hospital 8:14 AM May 22nd

# RT @tomwaits: Guess who the guest editor for the 200th issue of Mojo is: http://ow.ly/1Ona6 5:53 PM May 21st

# No RT @Billboard_Music: Can ‘American Idol’ Be Saved? Ratings Are At Their Lowest Since 2004, And Simon Cowell Is Moving http://ow.ly/17seFs 5:52 PM May 21st

# Aw yeah. Wait, which band? RT @mvmaltese: @natcromlech That might be it. In case you haven’t heard, we’re getting the BAHND back together. 5:51 PM May 21st

# RT @nytimesmusic: In Japan, a Night With Michael Jackson Memorabilia http://nyti.ms/cg2WAU 10:48 AM May 21st

# Under water? RT @RiversCuomo: Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 2999. 8:05 AM May 21st

# Oh no! Get well. RT @Billboard_Music: Bret Michaels Hospitalized Again After ‘Warning Stroke’ – experienced numbness http://ow.ly/17rVcz 5:30 AM May 21st

# Maybe longer… RT @Jumex: Today’s required listening: Amie, by the Pure Prairie League. 5:28 AM May 21st

# Interesting. RT @jgrossnas: Um, Did Google Just Quietly Launch A Web-Based iTunes Competitor? Yep. http://tcrn.ch/aRtzCH 9:19 PM May 20th

# RT @jgrossnas: An oral history of Detroit’s electronic music festival http://bit.ly/aNycdO 9:13 PM May 20th

# RT @subpop: Hear Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore’s WFUV session on NPR! http://ow.ly/1NLHP 9:09 PM May 20th

# Cynthia & Jerry got a message, they’re sayin’, “All the squares, go home!” http://youtu.be/wDF7d_hzF1U 12:46 PM May 20th

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