New Sondre Lerche video: Siamese Twin

Video: Sondre Lerche – “Siamese Twin”

From Pleasure, originally released in March on PLZ and being reissued November 10 on Analog Spark.

This is the fourth video the Norwegian wunderkind has released from his ninth studio album. You can watch the three previous videos below. They all share a theme of Sondre exploring his softer, sensual side while the music is either harsh and dissonant or ultra 80s synthpop. Not sure what’s going on with that but he definitely seems to be making a statement. Maybe a comment on his former teen heartthrob status? Or a post-divorce, personal Men’s Liberation movement? Or maybe he just likes wearing delicate slip-dresses and wrassling with fellas in their underwear. Who knows?

Sondre Lerche has always shared a certain je ne sais quoi (and occasionally a stage) with Elvis Costello, and these genre explorations and self re-inventions seems to fit with that.

He’s also releasing a Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive called Solo Pleasure, featuring a solo performance of the Pleasure album, recorded live to analog tape. So if this new stuff is too freaky and bloopy for you, he’s throwing you a bone.

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