New Low Cut Connie video: Hey! Little Child

Video: Low Cut Connie video: “Hey! Little Child”

From Dirty Pictures (Part 2), out now on Contender Records.

I heard a segment about this band on NPR last month and upon the recommendation of Ann Powers I checked them out. But the song I listened to didn’t live up to her description of “the essence of rock and roll.” The video is cool, but the song sounded a little too slick, like something one of the “rockers” on American Idol would’ve released after they finished in third place.

I figured they probably put on a fun live show but I don’t need to hear the album.

But then they go and cover Alex Chilton and now it’s a different story. This is good.

Plaid skirt and a flannel vest
Silly nubiles are the best

A dear friend of mine used to hang out with Chilton and heard stories about living across the street from the Catholic school mentioned in this song. The video is giving me flashbacks to my first visit to New Orleans when my pals and I spent an excessively drunken evening at the Muddy Waters in Uptown for a Tav Falco show. I somehow ended up passed out in the back seat of a Ford Fairlane.

Low Cut Connie’s Adam Weiner said, “Alex Chilton is one of my songwriting heroes. What a mercurial genius. We recorded our version of ‘Hey! Little Child’ in the same room in Ardent where he did the original. We are on the road constantly and spend a lot of time in divey bars talking to local yokels and shooting pool. Roy Power and his crew had the good sense to hang with us a couple nights snapping pictures of the band in our scruffy off-stage moments.”

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Audio: Alex Chilton – “Hey! Little Child”

From Like Flies on Sherbert (Peabody Records, 1979)

Video: Low Cut Connie – “Beverly”

From Dirty Pictures (Part 2), out now on Contender Records.

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