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The Worst Christmas Album Ever Made

Rated X Mas2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the worst Christmas album ever made. You’re probably thinking “That’s a pretty bold statement” but trust me, if you’ve ever heard Matt Rogers’ Rated X Mas album, you’d agree that there isn’t a single Christmas album in the history of recorded music as bad as this one.

Before you actively start looking for Rated X Mas, you need to understand that you can no longer get it. On December 22, 2000, the distributor of the album agreed to settle a copyright infringement action by destroying all remaining copies of it and banning any future sales of the album. You could probably find a copy on Ebay, but why would you want to? The only shame greater than owning Rated X Mas is paying dime for it, particularly under the guise that it’s somehow a collectors item.

With a running time of less than twenty minutes, Rated X Mas is eight songs of pornographic nonsense that’s completely unnecessary. It speaks volumes towards what has gone wrong with the holidays as it selfishly serves the pocketbook of the album’s creators who haphazardly toss around the idea that Rated X Mas is nothing more than a comedic parody effort.

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