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R.E.M. just keeps getting better…

In the Huffington Post, former Chicago Reader rock critic/R. Kelly uber-fan Bill Wyman traces Rolling Stone‘s coverage of R.E.M.‘s recent releases only to discover that, according to hype-blinded critics, R.E.M. has consistently topped itself with “each successive release being so good as to make clear the flaws of the one before it.” Yo Chuck, they … Continue reading R.E.M. just keeps getting better…

People Change Their Minds

Chicago Sun-Times/Sound Opinions pop music critic Jim DeRogatis gets called out by a reader for recently calling R.E.M.‘s Around the Sun “dreadfully dull” when he originally called it their “best new album since the early 90s.” DeRo responds: Reserving the right to change my mind (on R.E.M. or anything else). Critics aren’t really any different … Continue reading People Change Their Minds

Hall of Shame: Stooges Kept Out

R.E.M., Van Halen, Patti Smith, the Ronettes, and Grandmaster Flash were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Finalists who didn’t make the cut included Chic, the Dave Clark Five and the Stooges.” Okay, people should be embarrassed that the Dave Clark Five were even finalists. Talk about also-rans. Jesus, if they’re going … Continue reading Hall of Shame: Stooges Kept Out