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GLONO Video with the Drams

The DramsThe Drams, a Texas band composed of former members of Slobberbone and Budapest One, sat down with Glorious Noise in Chicago while touring in support of Jubilee Dive, out now on New West Records.

The video includes an interview with Brent Best (Slobberbone) and Keith Killoren (Budapest One) discussing the formation of the band and the recording of Jubilee Dive, and features live footage from The Drams’ performance at Subterranean in August 2006. The songs performed are “Hummalong,” “You Won’t Forget,” and “Fireflies.”

“We purposely, production-wise, went away from what Slobberbone was known for,” Brent Best told Glorious Noise. “The songs are more melodic, but it was more about doing stuff in the studio that make us grin and go, ‘Oh yeah!’ and kind of going overboard with it. For me what it comes down to is just doing whatever the hell we wanted to that served the song.”

The Drams are heading out on tour this fall with the Drive-By Truckers, and then heading over to Europe. See the dates (and an MP3) after the jump…

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