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Starsailor: Enjoy the Silence (or Capitol will kill you)

StarsailorSilence is Easy, Starsailor’s sophomore release, is already the bee’s knees in their native UK. It’s slated for stateside release in late January, and that’s where things get a bit blimey. Starsailor’s 2002 debut Love is Here was a critical and Brit rock fan fave, but its graceful austerity and heartbreak was lost on most. Not so in 2004. Coldplay’s curious all-things-to-all-people mindwarp has everyone from little sisters to large animal veterinarians loving well-appointed mope rock from across the pond, and has made Capitol – the American pimp for both Coldplay and Starsailor – very happy. Hmm, the label muses in its corner office late one evening. Why not double our pleasure? And suddenly Silence is getting a publicity push to rival the 4forAll from Pizza Hut. (FHM, that paragon of music journalism, gave it 4½ stars.) Hey, it turns out pimpin’ is easy!

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