Exclusive: Rogue Wave – You

A GLONO exclusive! “You” by Rogue Wave” from Descended Like Vultures, out October 25 on Subpop. Also: check out their top-secret myspace page for more music.

Doesn’t summer 2004 seem like for-fucking-ever ago? In recent months science has proven that Internet Buzz turns into a deadly sting in, like, 13.2 seconds. (11 seconds ago: “Wolf Parade fucking rules!” Now: “Wolf Parade? Those jerk-asses can eat a dick!”) Woah, that’s fast. Luckily, back in the halcyon days of July ’04, the sailing was easier for off-radar indie guys. With The Killers drawing all the hype, a guy named Zack Rogue quietly re-released his polite debut Out of the Shadow on Sub Pop, and people nodded along with his Paul Simon-fronting-Sebadoh sounds. Now, Rogue Wave is back with Descended Like Vultures, and his sound is just as breezy as it was back then. Blog hate might be the new slang in 2005, but don’t let that tarnish your impression of this new Rogue Wave track. And it’s exclusive to Glorious Noise, ’cause we don’t hate anyone.


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