New Regrettes video: Red Light

Video: The Regrettes – “Red Light”

Directed by Morgan Higby Night. From the Attention Seeker EP, out now on Warner Bros.

It’s great that this song has finally been given a (semi-) official video, but the circumstances for releasing it are kind of a bummer. Bass player Sage Chavis has left the band.

Chavis explained her departure on instagram: “I have grown and learned so much but I must continue to push myself to grow and, for me, that means making room for that growth.”

This comes just four months after drummer Maxx Morando left the band. Not sure what’s going on here, but I’m hoping the shakeup doesn’t affect their sound too much. That debut album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, is front-to-back a great rock and roll listening experience. Who knows how much replacing the rhythm section will change the vibe? I fear change in general, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so we’ll have to wait and find out.

The “behind the scenes” video was shot by Lydia’s dad/tour manager, Morgan Higby Night.

Here’s a BTS video I cut for Red Light last year but I didn’t get the proper clearances from the clubs so it was never released by WBR. Seemed like a good day to post as the Regrettes say farewell to the wonderful Sage Chavis who’s departing touring life as Maxx had a few months ago. Tour managing this group of amazing humans was one of the great honors of my life. Excited for the next phase of The Regrettes with their fantastic drummer (and human) Drew and their secret new bass player/bad ass human on the way ;D

love – Lydia’s dad

Looking forward for 2019 to hear the new album…

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