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Interview with the Music Supervisor for The O.C.

Music From The O.C. Mix 4You know what the best job in the world has got to be? Music Supervisor. Except when you have to do interviews to promote your show’s latest cd release. Glorious Noise talks to Alexandra Patsavas.

The OC: Mansierres and Lady Love

Oh, are you cold? Let me stretch my lithe frame across yours to draw the blanket over us...Great bone structure, high fashion, boozing like laid off stevedores – these things the “OC”‘s principals know. But maintaining a relationship? Hell no, they suck ass at that. Is it time to switch teams and start fresh?

The OC: Your Powers Won’t Save You

Chino's balls finally dropping as he refuses Marissa's advances...“OC” season two starts to find its footing. Marissa’s making friends with the bottle and the yard guy, Summer’s standing up to Seth’s geek boy charm, and the Cohens are a Gallagher eyebrow hair away from losing it all.