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John Lennon in New Ad

Remember a number of years ago when a clip of Fred Astaire dancing was manipulated to show him cavorting with a vacuum cleaner? It was weird and sparked a debate as to the appropriate use of dead celebrity’s images in advertising. Well, Yoko Ono has put her stamp of approval on the use of John … Continue reading John Lennon in New Ad

Yoko Ono vs. Alex Chilton

I had never heard the Yoko Ono song, “Mrs. Lennon,” before. But Alex Chilton certainly has. In a 1987 interview with Dawn Eden, he admitted that “it’s just like [Big Star’s] ‘Holocaust.’ Exactly.” The Bob: Did you have that song in mind when you wrote “Holocaust”? CHILTON: I don’t know. I think that it was … Continue reading Yoko Ono vs. Alex Chilton

Ono Sues Beatles Collectors Over Film of Lennon

The NME reports that Yoko Ono is fighting to keep nine hours of John Lennon smoking weed and writing “Remember” and “Mind Games” from being turned into a commercially released film. The footage was taped in February, 1970, just before the Beatles broke up. The case, due in court on April 30, has Ono suing … Continue reading Ono Sues Beatles Collectors Over Film of Lennon

Ono Sues Lennon

I hate all the Yoko hate. I think it’s misguided and generally racist and sexist hogwash. She didn’t break up the Beatles and she didn’t dupe John Lennon. Yoko does occasionally makes some really odd and heavy handed legal moves and this week’s action might just take the cake. In what appears to be yet … Continue reading Ono Sues Lennon

Pitchfork Fest 2007: Days 2-3

Forkfest beer tentWhen it’s mid-70s and breezy, you can wear jeans if you want, you can drink good beer, and you can work your way through a thick crowd occasionally bumping into a scantily clad young person without immediately being covered in stank.

Please, For the Love of God, Let it Be

Paul and Yoko duke it out once more, but for what? So what’s the big stink? Paul wants to switch the order of names on the songs he mainly wrote. Who cares? Apperently, Yoko. Though I tend to see it as a lot of hot air, most media outlets have reported that Yoko Ono is … Continue reading Please, For the Love of God, Let it Be