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50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 10

Rolling Stone issue #10 had a cover date of May 11, 1968. 24 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo by Linda Eastman. This is the issue that proved beyond any doubt that Rolling Stone was having a clear impact on the rock and roll scene it was covering. This is the issue where Jann Wenner proved … Continue reading 50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 10

Shoplifters Of The World Unite

I Was a Teenaged ShoplifterThere’s a huge difference between the anonymous copyright infringement of today’s filesharing networks and the stressful art of old school shoplifting. Back in the day, you used to sweat when you stole music.

Consolation for the Old Groom, Now Forgotten

Clapton is...Eric ClaptonComplete Clapton (Reprise) As Clapton devolved from greatness to adequacy, he squandered his talent on pathetic pop instead of exploring forward-looking fresh directions.

Eric Clapton Interview

The Chicago Tribune‘s Greg Kot gets a surprisingly candid interview with Eric Clapton: “I think I deliberately sold out a couple of times. I picked the songs that I thought would do well in the marketplace, even though I didn’t really love the song. But that’s been kind of limited. I feel I’ve been very … Continue reading Eric Clapton Interview