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21 Best SXSW 2009 MP3s

SXSW 2009 South by Southwest does a great job of letting attendees (and everybody else) do some homework before the shows and preview tracks by showcased bands. Here are a bunch of our faves.

The Asteroid #4 – “These Flowers of Ours” (web, sxsw)

Black Lips – “O Katrina!” (web, sxsw)

The Dollyrots – “My Best Friend’s Hot” (web, sxsw)

Earlimart – “Face Down In The Right Town” (web, sxsw)

The Evaporators – “You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out!” (web, sxsw)

Listen to the rest after the jump…

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Von Bondies – Love Hate and Then There's You

Von Bondies - Love Hate and Then There's YouVon BondiesLove Hate and Then There’s You (MajorDomo)

We’ve given Jason Stollsteimer our share of shit over the years. But we’ve always respected the Von Bondies, going as far as calling them the best band in Detroit way back in 2001.

After going through the major label runaround and a lineup switcheroo, the Von Bondies are back with Love Hate and Then There’s You. It takes balls for a band who has had their level of exposure to kick off a new album with song that claims “We are the underground” (“This Is Our Perfect Crime”). But the Von Bondies have never lacked bravado.

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Jason Von Bondie Speaks Out!

The Von Bondies are headling Detour‘s Rock City Fest in Detroit this weekend.

Real Detroit Weekly catches up with Jason Stollsteimer and gets the scoop on the whole Jack White ass-whooping incident:

“What happened was I stood up for Jim Diamond [of Ghetto Recorders], he produced Lack of Communication,” Stollsteimer explains. “I didn’t own a computer that had Photoshop. When the artwork got done for the album, [Marcie Bolen] was dating Jack, and did it on his computer. He took it upon himself, from what I heard, to put himself as producer. I’m not an egomaniac looking at the back of my record all night jerking off, I never noticed it until I did an interview in 2001 and they said, ‘What was it like having Jack White producing the record?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ Jack introduced us to Jim Diamond, he was there, but he didn’t help write or change anything on the production. The next day, I got a death threat on my door from him and I gave that to the cops. The next time he saw me, he beat the crap out of me.”

Almost makes you feel bad about those “I Beat Up Jason Von Bondie” T-shirts

Stollsteimer also talked recently to the Metro Times. Lots of good quotes in there, too. Read some after the jump…

MP3: Von Bondies – “Pale Bride” from We Are Kamikazes Aiming Straight for Your Heart (courtesy of sxsw)

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New Von Bondies

Detour has two new Von Bondies tracks from an upcoming EP. “Pale Bride” is pretty good, but “I Don’t Wanna” starts off with the “C’mon C’mon” riff and quickly turns lame.

After you listen for yourself, find Jason Stollsteimer and punch him in the face. Why not? Everybody’s doing it. Even original guitarist Marcie Bolen, who’s no longer in the band but wants to make sure you don’t believe the “horrible things” Stollsteimer is telling people about why she quit the band.

Love, Hate and Then There’s You is expected out in 2008 on Warner-subsidiary Sire.

Marcie Loves Chachi

The Von Bondies at the Magic StickThe Von Bondies at the Magic Stick

Detroit, March 9, 2004

On Tuesday afternoon, thousands of marker-scarred scream queens clogged a suburban Detroit mall to see their girl Avril Lavigne put forth a set of acoustic Matrix claptrap. These weeping tweeners were the everGirl younger sisters of the sketchy Jake Busey chachis found cramming the Von Bondies gig at the Magic Stick later that evening. With the white Sassoons and the looks to kill, both groups flock to the hive that’s selling. It’s no secret, but their in-droves presence at both events proves it. Canadian strumpets and sleazily cool baroque modern rock – Americans’ll buy anything if a talking dog with a wad of cash in his mouth tells them to do it. Well, c’mon c’mon then, ’cause the Von Bondies show is about to start.

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Trying to Listen to the Von Bondies

The Von BondiesIt’s a sad day in the struggle of music lovers against the control freaks who run the major record labels. For the first time in my experience, I wasn’t able to use my beloved EAC to copy the contents of a copy-protected cd to my computer. EAC, the world’s premier audio extractor, chugged and chugged and tried desperately to extract the contents of the Von Bondies major label debut for me, but alas, it just couldn’t do it.

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