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New Screaming Females video: Glass House

Video: Screaming Females – “Glass House”

Screaming Females - Glass House (Official Video)

From All At Once, due February 23 on Don Giovanni Records.

Screaming Females sound spooky in a Black Sabbath kind of way, don’t you think? Marissa Paternoster’s voice is intense and her guitar is as heavy as it gets.

She described her inspiration for the song to Rolling Stone: “Our shrinking world [is] crushed under a deluge of information, constant contact and social media sludge. It has narrowed my connection to reality in a way that I find rather upsetting.”

It is upsetting!

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Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It

Screaming Females - Castle Talk

MP3: Screaming Females – “I Don’t Mind It” from Castle Talk, due September 14 on Don Giovanni.

Man, every new song I hear from this band is better than the previous one. Marissa Paternoster’s vocals are becoming as powerful as her guitar playing. And the songwriting is so tight on this one. In a better world, “I Don’t Mind It” would be a hit single and inspire tweeners everywhere to ask for guitars for their birthday. If the rest of the album is this good, we’re in for a treat.

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Screaming Females – I Do

You like the rock and roll? Remember how J. Mascis had that bad ass tone? Well, you’re in luck. Screaming Females bring it all with a dash of scratchy vocals to boot. This is 120 Minutes Material, gang.


Screaming Females – “I Do”

CORRECTION: Apologies, this is an .aif file. In my haste to post I overlooked that fact. We have a request in for an actual MP3 of this song and will update if/when we get it. For now, give this a listen.

Screaming Females Tour Dates with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists:

03.30.10 – Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues

03.31.10 – Austin, TX @ The Parish

04.02.10 – New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks

04.03.10 – Tallahasee, FL @ Club Downunder

04.04.10 – Atlanta, GA @ the Masquerade

04.05.10 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle

04.08.10 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

04.09.10 – New York, NY @ the Fillmore

04.10.10 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club


The 21 Best Legal MP3s of 2009

Arctic Monkeys and Screaming Females Live in Chicago

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Arctic Monkeys and Screaming Females Live in Chicago

Arctic MonkeysArctic Monkeys and Screaming Females at the Riviera

Chicago, December 6, 2009

The last two songs played over the PA before the Arctic Monkeys took the stage were Black Sabbath‘s “Paranoid” and Love‘s “Seven and Seven Is.” So that’s the kind of show this is going to be, I thought to myself, as the spotlights illuminated the stage and the crowd roared with the applause.

And it was that kind of show. At least for the first half. They front loaded their set with every fast song in their repertoire and the not-quite capacity crowd at the Riviera was going thoroughly and appropriately nuts.

Frontman Alex Turner clearly deserves the credit he gets for his clever songwriting and distinctive voice. But the true star of this band is drummer Matt Helders. He is a monster and being able to watch him beat the shit out of his drums is pure transcendent pleasure. This is why we go out to see live music. His bio on his kick drum head doesn’t lie: dude truly is an agile beast.

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Screaming Females – Bell

MP3: Screaming Females – “Bell” from Power Move, out now on Don Giovanni.

There’s no faster way to garner attention for your band these days than to be associated with Jack White. If you can get a supporting slot for whatever he’s touring with, all the better. If you can KILL in that supporting slot…well, then you’re golden.

Screaming Females may have just struck gold. DeRo described their opening slot as thus, “In a rare example of an opening band being every bit as awesome as the headliner, the New Jersey trio Screaming Females provided ample evidence that it was more than ready for the sudden leap it recently made from tiny, underground all-ages clubs to sold-out theaters as the Dead Weather‘s hand-picked support.”

Not bad.

Video: Screaming Females – “Buried In The Nude”

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