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New Beck video: Fix Me

Video: Beck – “Fix Me” From Colors, out now on Capitol. I miss Cute Overload. Back after George W. Bush was re-elected I went into a deep funk and could no longer bring myself to look at the news. I was so disappointed in my fellow Americans for failing to see how inept and corrupt … Continue reading New Beck video: Fix Me

New Beck video: Up All Night

Video: Beck – “Up All Night” From Colors, out October 13 on Capitol Records. Speaking of Beck, hooray, he’s fun again! This is the third song released from Colors (after “Dear Life” and “Wow”) and all three have been upbeat. While I love some melancholy Beck — my all-time favorite Beck album is One Foot … Continue reading New Beck video: Up All Night

New Liars video: Cred Woes

Video: Liars – “Cred Woes” From TFCF, out now on Mute. Reminds me of weird, early Beck. Remember when he used to sing about washing dishes and blowing leaves and stuff? Good times. Now we’ve got Liars singing about his “minimum wage routine” and sampling a bit of “My Sharona.” What year is this? Is … Continue reading New Liars video: Cred Woes

New Beck video: Wow

YouTube: Beck – “Wow” Three months after Beck released the song, he’s finally made a video for it. “Wow” is easily the most fun Beck song I’ve heard since “Hell Yes,” which came out over a decade ago. And he’s apparently “putting finishing touches” on his forthcoming album on Capitol Records with co-producer Greg Kurstin. … Continue reading New Beck video: Wow

Chris Staples – Golden Age

I maintain a playlist called Golden that pulls together a bunch of songs that give me fall shivers and nostalgic heartstring tugs. There’s loads of Beck’s Sea Change, Kurt Vile’s Walking on a Pretty Day, Steve Gunn’s Sundowner, Elliott Smith, Damien Jurado, Lord Huron, and now…Chris Staples. Staples’ new album, Golden Age, shares more in … Continue reading Chris Staples – Golden Age

All the Videos From CONAN’s George Harrison Week

If you’ve seen A Hard Day’s Night then you know George was definitely the coolest Beatle. If you’ve seen any clip of him you know it. And so it’s fitting that we celebrate George Harrison Week with Conan O’Brien and a cast of friends, family and admirers. Beck Kicks it off with “Wah Wah” and … Continue reading All the Videos From CONAN’s George Harrison Week

Beck interviews Tom Waits

Beck has started a new thing on his website called Irrelevant Topics that features “conversations between musicians, artists, writers, etc. on various subjects, without promotional pretext or editorial direction.” To kick it off, he offers “Tom Waits x Beck Hansen : Pt. 1,” and it’s a great read. Talking about songs disappearing over the years: … Continue reading Beck interviews Tom Waits