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Some People Still Listen to Radio

Who knew? According to the New York Times, people are listening to a lot less radio than they were ten years ago. It surprises me that they’re still listening at all. But apparently, radio has slipped a lot more when it comes to college graduates: Over the last decade, college graduates ages 25-54, who make … Continue reading Some People Still Listen to Radio

Random Rules: Rob Corrdry’s iPod on Shuffle

Daily Show correspondent Rob Corrdry Rob Corrdry puts his iPod on shuffle and exposes his inner indie rocker: “I hate that Weezer hates Pinkerton. That’s my favorite Weezer disc, and I hate that they won’t play it live. It just makes me hate them.” Pavement, Barlow, Gerbils, Low? Dude’s a regular music snob geek! Via … Continue reading Random Rules: Rob Corrdry’s iPod on Shuffle

Audiophiles modding, appreciating iPods

Audiophiles Become Ipodiophiles: “The quality of the components used in the iPod are on the same level as low- to medium-priced audiophile gear. From the audio standpoint, iPod makes a very good source.” The iMod hack seems a little bulky for the commute though…