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Father John Misty does Honeybear live on Conan

Video: Father John Misty – “I Love You, Honeybear” (live on Conan, 07/15/15)

You know I love Father John Misty. Sure, I’ve poked a little fun at the TMI tendencies of his latest album, but I still really love it. His live show at this point is legendary, so it’s always great to see him perform on television. And as expected, he doesn’t phone it in for Conan.

This live version of the title track starts out sexy and gets progressively more intense until it’s downright scary by the end. I prefer it to the orchestrated album version.

I’m not so sure about Tillman’s appearance though. My man Phil calls it the “sexy hobo look.” He looks clammy and his bushy beard makes him seem bloated like a late-era Jim Morrison. Dude needs to visit a barber. Clean yourself up, man!

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Has Father John Misty become Roger Clarvin?

Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty describes his new album, I Love You, Honeybear, as “a concept album about a guy named Josh Tillman” and his relationship with his wife. Being the kind of writer he is, he refuses to stoop to sentimental cliché; instead, he engages in mean-spirited honesty and sarcastic self-loathing. To call … Continue reading Has Father John Misty become Roger Clarvin?

New Father John Misty Album in February

I am very excited by the idea of a new Father John Misty album. I spent most of 2012 and 2013 obsessing over Fear Fun after being turned on to him by my sister-in-law. She had heard the song he did with Phosphorescent on the Aquarium Drunkard satellite radio show. I got into the album … Continue reading New Father John Misty Album in February

Husky – Forever So

Husky – Forever So (Sub Pop) Our favorite Seattle label is now making its way down under to find the next big thing up here. Husky represents their first signing from Melbourne, with the moniker actually the first name of the band’s guitar and vocalist. The only “Husky” I knew growing up was the name … Continue reading Husky – Forever So

Beachwood Sparks – The Tarnished Gold

Beachwood Sparks – The Tarnished Gold (Sub Pop) After a decade long hiatus between studio albums, Beachwood Sparks returns with The Tarnished Gold, their latest attempt at channeling the ghosts of Laurel Canyon. Their country rock is tightly packaged through campfire picked guitars and a slue of pedal steels, just the way it should be. … Continue reading Beachwood Sparks – The Tarnished Gold

King Tuff – King Tuff

King Tuff – King Tuff (Sub Pop) Surely, after Witch, Happy Birthday, and now King Tuff, one of Kyle Thomas’ projects will take hold and turn him into Sub Pop’s latest hot commodity. Lord knows they seem to release every single fart that this guy lets go of and they leave it to me to … Continue reading King Tuff – King Tuff

New Blitzen Trapper video: Might Find it Cheap

Video: Blitzen Trapper – “Might Find it Cheap” I saw them on this tour co-headlining with Dawes, and it was a great show. American Goldwing was one of my favorite albums of 2011. If you watch and you like the song, you can download the song for the price of your email address.