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New Courtney Barnett video: Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To”

Courtney Barnett - Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To (Official Video)

Directed by Christina Xing. From Things Take Time, Take Time, due Nov 12 on Mom+Pop.

Wow, this is the most poppy song Courtney Barnett has released in a while! I love her tossed-off slacker drawl, but it’s fun to hear her do something more upbeat. And who doesn’t love twin-guitar harmonies?

Of course the lyrics are still dark, but that’s okay.

Sit beside me, watch the world burn,
We’ll never learn we don’t deserve nice things.
And we’ll scream, self-righteously,
We did our best but what does that even mean?

I wonder if this video will inspire anybody to send some mail to a friend. Hope so.

Barnett says, “I found a deeper communication with people in my life – deeper conversations. And a new level of gratitude for friendships that had been there for so long that I had maybe taken for granted.”

Don’t take your friendships for granted, people. Send your friends some mail!

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Courtney Barnett video: Before You Gotta Go

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Before You Gotta Go”

Courtney Barnett - Before You Gotta Go (Official Video)

Director by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. From Things Take Time, Take Time, due November 12 on Mom+Pop.

Does anybody else do post-millennial slacker style better than Courtney Barnett? She’s so laid back, she might tip over. And yet she’s still groovy. And clever. It’s a combination that works great: Calming and hypnotic without being boring.

Don’t you know I’m not your enemy, maybe let’s cut out caffeine.
Tomorrow’s too late to reminisce, call me when you get this.

Barnett says, “This video was filmed in Titirangi, Tatarata, Taiorahi and Waitakere in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and at various locations on the beautiful lands of the Wathaurong/Wadawurrung, Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation around Victoria, Australia. I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands and pay respect to Elders past and present.”

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Courtney Barnett: Rae Street

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Rae Street”

Courtney Barnett - Rae Street (Official Video)

Directed by W.A.M. Bleakley. From Things Take Time, Take Time, due Nov 12 on Mom+Pop.

How did you spend your pandemic? Get anything productive done? Courtney Barnett spent hers writing and recording a new album.

She told Rolling Stone all about it. Instead of calling up her live bandmates to the studio, she and producer Stella Mozgawa played everything themselves utilizing the same lo-fi drum machines that Barnett had used on her demos: “It’s pretty much just us. It feels so alive to me, like it’s all happening at once.”

Barnett told Rolling Stone that lead single “Rae Street” started off as a writing exercise. “One day I made a list of all the phrases that I could remember my parents saying.” If that’s the case, her parents were pretty intense.

Shine those shoes and mow those lawns
Let’s get back to normal.
Lay it all on the table, you seem so stable
But you’re just hanging on.


Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Courtney Barnett video: So Long, Marianne

Video: Courtney Barnett – “So Long, Marianne” (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne)

Courtney Barnett - So Long, Marianne (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne)

From MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne), out now on Milk! Records, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop.

Courtney Barnett is great. Leonard Cohen is great. What’s not to love?

Like many of Cohen’s best songs, “So Long, Marianne” makes longing feel palpable. And Barnett gets to the heart of that.

Your letters they all say that you’re beside me now
Then why do I feel alone?
I’m standing on a ledge and your fine spider web
Is fastening my ankle to a stone.

Marianne, of course, was a real person. Cohen met her on the Greek island of Hydra in 1960 after her husband had abandoned her and her infant son. She and Cohen stayed together throughout much of the decade and she inspired many of his songs.

On her deathbed in 2016 Cohen sent her a note that went viral after he died a few months later. “I’m just a little behind you, close enough to take your hand,” he wrote. “I’ve never forgotten your love and your beauty. But you know that.”

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Sleater-Kinney video: Can I Go On

Video: Sleater-Kinney – “Can I Go On”

Sleater-Kinney - Can I Go On (Official Video)

Directed by Ashley Connor. From The Center Won’t Hold, out now on Mom and Pop.

It’s kinda fun to hear S-K go full New Wave, but I think it works. And the sentiment is certainly irrefutable.

Everyone I know is tired
And everyone I know is wired
To machines, it’s obscene
I’ll just scream ’til it don’t hurt no more

I dig the lead guitar tone; sounds like the producer is loaning them her effects pedals, ha ha. Love the “oo ooo-wooo” background vocals too, embracing and twisting the classic girl group vibe.

Sleater-Kinney: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Sleater-Kinney video: Hurry On Home

Video: Sleater-Kinney – “Hurry On Home”

Sleater-Kinney - Hurry On Home (Official Lyric Video)

Directed by Miranda July. Single out now.

Normally lyric videos are pretty lame, but this one is great. It has a story!

And how about the song? It’s been almost six months since we found out Sleater-Kinney was back in the studio and being produced by St. Vincent, and “Hurry On Home” was the worth the wait. It’s everything you could have hoped for in a collaboration like that.

And that’s not the only development in S-K news. Filthy Friends, Corin Tucker’s supergroup with Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey, has a new video as well. “Break Me” is a jangle pop classic with Tucker’s super dry vocals right up front in the mix. It’s fascinating (for nerds like me) to compare the way different collaborators bring out different elements in the sound.

Sleater-Kinney: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Courtney Barnett video: Everybody Here Hates You

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Everybody Here Hates You”

Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You (Official Video)

Directed by Danny Cohen. Single out now on Milk! Records, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop.

It’s been five or six years since I first heard “History Eraser” on satellite radio. That song immediately won me over and I’ve been following Courtney Barnett ever since. Her sardonic wit has grown darker over the years, which makes sense when you consider what the world looks like today compared to 2012 when she started releasing solo material.

I go to Loving Hut, I get my hair cut, I feel the same
I feel putrid, I’m getting used to it these days

No word on whether this is a standalone single or a preview of an upcoming album but Barnett will be touring nonstop through the summer, including a visit to Ann Arbor’s famed Hill Auditorium, hailed as a monument to perfect acoustics. She’s there on a Tuesday night so I probably won’t make it, but you should go! I saw Bruce Springsteen there on the Tom Joad Solo Acoustic tour, and it was a magical experience, even deep in the cheap seats.

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New FIDLAR video: By Myself

Video: FIDLAR – “By Myself”

FIDLAR - By Myself

From Almost Free, out January 25 on Mom+Pop.

FIDLAR goes disco!

Don’t want to bury the lede here so I’ll just point out that Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist has cut his hair since the last time I saw his hippie locks at Riot Fest in 2016. Phew!

But back to the new song…

Good old Zac Carper is back with another tale about his misspent youth and fragile psyche.

Well I’m cracking one open with the boys by myself
And everybody thinks that I need professional help
But I don’t wanna think about that anymore
And just because I woke up on someone’s floor
And asked, Who the fuck am I?
I didn’t know it felt good to cry

But before you get too nervous for him he asks, “Why does getting sober make you feel like a loner?”

The video features cameos of various punk rock celebrities imbibing their favorite beverages, inclding feat. No Parents, Criminal Hygiene, Danny Bengston (Together Pangea), Kelsey Reckling (and Bocky), Cadien (Twin Peaks), The Side Eyes, Benjamin Booker, Sunny War, Matthew Zuk, Brian Rodriguez, The Frights, No Win, John Doe and DJ Bonebrake (X), Tropa Magica, Zachary “Penske” Cox, Misses Joseph Herzog, Shelly Schimek, Nate Mercereau, Culture Abuse, Barbara (@poserfeel), Alice Baxley, SWMRS, The McGinnis Family, NOBRO, Dicky Presto, Jimmy Russo, Ronald Ray-Gun, FIDIOTS, Dune Rats, Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist (The Hives), Matt Caughthran (The Bronx), Dave Catching (Eagles of Death Metal), Jonah Ray and Taran Killam.

Good to see friends being supportive!

FIDLAR: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Courtney Barnett video: Charity

Video: Courtney Barnett – “Charity”

Courtney Barnett - Charity

Directed by Ashley Connor. From Tell Me How You Really Feel, out now on Milk, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop.

This is the fifth single/video Courtney Barnett has released from Tell Me How You Really Feel. Keep them coming!

You don’t have to pretend you’re not scared
Everyone else is just as terrified as you.

That about sums up 2018, doesn’t it?

Courtney Barnett: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New FIDLAR video: Are You High?

Video: FIDLAR – “Are You High?”

FIDLAR - Are You High? (ft. The 90s)

Presumably from their third album, hopefully out sometime soon, probably on Mom+Pop.

I love this band. They blew me away the first time I saw them at Lollapalooza in 2016, they were equally great at Riot Fest last year, and I’ve been following them ever since.

They’ve released a few covers (Beastie Boys, Nirvana since then, Pink Floyd) and a couple of originals, but I’m looking forward to the release of their third full length. Still no info on when that’s going to happen but “Are You High?” is a promising sign. It’s a little more melodic and less screamy than their previous original single, “Alcohol,” but it’s still rambunctious and obnoxious, just the way we like them.

And all my homies wanna know what I’ve been doing
I think that I knew better back when I was using

Stay strong, dog. Life’s a risk worth taking.

FIDLAR: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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