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Ticketstubs: The Pixies in Kalamazoo, 1992

I had recently gotten home from a semester abroad in Scotland. While I was there the Pixies had released Trompe Le Monde, and I bought the cassette at the Aberdeen HMV the week it came out. The Pixies were one of my favorite bands, and the Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim two-fer had been the soundtrack … Continue reading Ticketstubs: The Pixies in Kalamazoo, 1992

Black Francis to Naysayers: Go fuck yourself

Frank Black (Francis) talks to Rolling Stone about the Pixies reunion, playing the whole Doolittle album live, and making money: It’s like someone saying, “You don’t have the right to go up there on a stage and sing your songs.” My response would, be, “Go fuck yourself.” Are we making more money? Yeah. But it’s … Continue reading Black Francis to Naysayers: Go fuck yourself

Frank Black interview: New Pixies Album

MTV interviews Black Francis: “We haven’t really been able to think about [the new album] up until now, because we’ve been too busy collecting money from all these festivals we do. It takes a lot of counting to get through all that cash.”

Lollapalooza 2005: Day One

Lollapalooza 2005Holy shit, it was hot on Sunday. I was pretty sure we were all going to die for a while there. But hey, Glorious Noise suffers unbearable heat so you don’t have to. In this first installment, we cover Day One of Lollapalooza 2005.

Salon Pixies Interview with Charles Thompson/Frank Black

Salon talks to Black Francis: “I want to be Lou Reed and I want the writer to be Lester Bangs. Know what I mean? I want him to be so into it that he’s arguing with me about the validity of a song I wrote. I don’t care if it’s insulting.”